Monday, December 15, 2008

#67 Away and back

We visited California last week looking at schools and homes, I loved San Diego, its so beautiful. I can't imagine moving away and I can't imagine staying there you have it. I talk all about it in this weeks show. Hey, I am so excited, I am going to TNNA in January to once again be in the Brown Sheep booth hawking my goods! Though my patterns are in about 40+ yarn shops all over the US (and one place in Canada and one place in London ) I am not well represented in the west so I am very very excited!

Have a listen to show #67 and say hello if you can, I would love to know that listener's really exist!

Knitty Winter 2008
Shalom Cardigan - Meghan Mc Farlane

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

#66 Moving along

Watch, now instead of disappearing, I will become the THING that won't go away! Time is such a strange thing. Most of the time it goes by too quickly, however when big changes and shifts and adjustments are going on , though it still goes by quickly, I feel each week almost as though I am a new person, or at least a person exploring life anew. One week I think I am staying in my house, and the next week i am certain I am moving and it feels dreadful. Then the next week I am certain I am moving and it feels like sweet relief...etc.etc. When trying to get"control" of ones destiny in a a new and different way, it is almost as though you have to be strong enough to let go of so much control to gain control...does that make sense?

The two yarns I spoke about were;
Cascade Lana Grande for the Double Dumpling and this picture even shows the yummy pink I am knitting with (did my needle clicking bug you during this episode??)

Rowan purelife for the regular Dumpling

Please say hello if you are out there...and please knit something that you love and maybe challenge yourself with something that scares you a bit!

Monday, November 24, 2008

#65 It's been a while!

I'm still here.....are you? Like Pink Floyd asked..."Is there any body out there?" or was it "in there?" The only real shownotes knitting wise would be on the one pattern I am obsessed with looking at anyway. is fantastico'.

Sometimes, when there are horrendous and unforseen difficult things going on in life (in this case my families financial life) takes getting down and dirty and ugly about them within the marriage and getting it all out...and playing the blame game...and recovering from it and seeing the good in each other anew. We have been mad at each other big time...and hopefully we are now moving though it it...can't go over it, can't go under it...can't go around it...just have to go thoguh it...right through the blazing blood pumping heart of it!

There are as of this moment, 600 Dumpling Bags in Ravelry!!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

#64 KNITTING remains a constant!

I finally recorded a new podcast has been a spell...a difficult one that I am doing my best to stay focused and is only money and not a terminal illness but sometimes that line of thought doesn't really help. Sometimes a good cry and then a nice cold glass of water , some knitting and the good ole' i-pod in the ears (maybe a bunch of hugs and kisses)is the best escape...when they let me escape around here! The kids are being great...I think it is because the parents are staying positive (except when I call my parent and bawl). We will all survive and recover and find our new normal!

With everything that is going on in this crazy economy and everything that is going on in my household including the possibility of needing to move, knitting is my independent solace. I am so full of gratitude for my knitting and my cyber knitting life. It remains a source of sanity.

How do you think knitting will be affected by this disatorous economy. I realize many of you are untouched by the stock markets disasters either because you don't have money involved in it or you live internationally, however this economy is definitely going to touch us all somehow (I hope gas prices don't escalate). How does the economy affect your knitting or crafting life. Maybe it will up peoples interest in knitting in that, depending how you work it , it can be a a financially reasonable sanity saver! I would love to hear peoples thoughts on this AND I would like to know as a knitter, what you are looking for these days design wise...what would you love to knit?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Are you feeling inspired or just tired...maybe both

I am definitely feeling both. I am inspired to submit to magazines that are looking for next Fall designs. I am tired of the stock market crisis and the negativity and dealing with the loss of financial control. I am sick of thinking about and hearing about it and just want to get centered and calm down.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

#63 Slight deception...or maybe slight denial?

I have to have a constant stream of self-deception or slight denial going on to make it through life...especially these days. I can't be in denial with my knitting...if I do then I end up with a pattern erro...and we can't have that now can we. Must keep it real.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

#62 Satisfaction with your knitting/life.

do you find if you are satisfied with whatever your are currently knitting you also happen to be satisfied with your life at that moment? DO you think it's coincidence? What about the opposite, whenthings aren't going well with your knitting are they also somehow not going well with your life? I m certain there is a full range of answers here however I do know that more times then not one runs along the same with the other
knitting going going well
knitting frustrating or frustrating or blah.

How about you?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

#61 The things we do wrong, the things we do right

Is it just personality type that makes some of seem to focus more on the things we do right or the things we do wrong? I have the unfortunate tendency to focus too much on the things I do wrong instead of all the goo things I actually do. I have to work hard to feel good about the good...I keep working on it though.

So now apres' le Dumpling comes my second out of three designs that is now published...
Big Lace Scarves in Interweave Felts '08

Inteweave Felts 09 Big Lace (7)

This is one of those things in which you actually would appreciate it more if you had it around your neck and felt its dreamy light softness with warmth at the same time.

I am very interested in submitting for Fall and Winter publications as they come up...I am bubbling over with ideas...which is another one of those great feelings.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Dumpling Bags - Interweave Knits Fall '08!! (by Me!!)
(Ring information for the Dumpling bags is towards the bottom of this post)

I am so excited that I have been published for the first time in Interweave Knits Fall '08! Dumpling makers are taking over the world as evidenced by this - update as of Oct'09 there are over 900 Dumplings on Ravelry and it is in second place as far as the most popular bags of all time. I had no expectations, so to say this has exceeded my expectations wouldn't be the truth. What would be the truth is that I am thrilled and delighted to see everyone's creativity!

I have just finished Stitches Midwest '08 and am happy to say that the Dumpling won many many new fans !!! Believe it or not (and believe me I was thrilled to death and speechless when this was happening) people were waiting in line to "Make there own" Dumpling Buffet I had set up!

To find out about the Dumpling Kits that are available either as standard which is a wristlet size bag or Double Dumpling which is a shoulder bag go to my page which will give you a link to my shop HERE .

The standard Dumpling Kit (black Dumpling pictured to the left) comes in Onyx (black) for the bag body, with a celery vine, garnet berries, deep plum lucite rings rings and a magnetic snap plus grosgrain ribbon for mounting the snap. The cost is $19.00 without the pattern (if you already own it) and $25.00 with the pattern+ shipping.

IMPORTANT PATTERN MODIFICATION - The standard Dumpling pattern is written holding two strands of a worsted weight yarn, for the kit you receive bulky weight yarn so therefore you need only use a single strand for the standard Dumpling however you use a double strand for the Double Dumpling.

The rings that come standard with the regular Dumpling Kit is a deep plum Lucite ring that has the look and feel of wood or porcelain. If you are looking for rings ONLY there is more information regarding purchasing rings below. Below is a picture of them, the regular wristlet Dumpling uses the smaller sized ring and the Double Dumpling shoulder bag kit I use the larger sized ring which is available in a warm brown, or deep purple. Prices for rings only is below, underneath the information about the Double Dumpling Kits.

The Double Dumpling Kit(above) comes in either oatmeal with an oak vine and orange berries, or in aubergine with green/brown vine and bright purple berries. The Oatmeal kit comes with large brown rings and the Aubergine kit comes with large deep plum rings. Both kits come with a snap set-up. If you would like the Double Dumpling in a different color see the above link under COLOR OPTIONS. The Double Dumpling kit is $30.00 plus shipping without the pattern and $37.00 with the pattern + shipping.

IMPORTANT PATTERN MODIFICATION -The Double Dumpling is a modification of the regular Dumpling in that you hold two strands of bulky yarn to knit, knit the body until 8' and the handle until 40" if you want it to sit on your shoulder

The rings are sold as pairs -
Small sized rings (set of two) for the regular Dumpling are pictured above and come in dark purple only - approx. 2 cm.- $2.90 + shipping, which I charge from order to order depending on your shipping address (typically about $2.00- $3.00 total...sorry this can't be sent in a normal envelope it has to be charge as a package because of thickness..I have tried to send in envelope and it was returned for insufficient funds!)

Large sized rings (set of two) for the Double Dumpling (below) - are approx 6 cm. ( pictured below)- the larger rings come in either dark purple or warm browns and are both $3.70 (for a set of 2) + shipping.

Contact me through and let me know which rings you would like and your mailing address and I will then get back to you with the total. After you ok the total I will bill you through a Paypal money request or give you my number for you to call in a charge card to me.

Here are the four photos that show how to attach rings properly
Dumpling handle detail 001Dumpling handle detail 002Dumpling handle detail 003Dumpling handle detail 004

Snap mounting tutorial (click to enlarge)

More about Stitches-
I still am in recovery mode and truly (and gratefully) busy with kitting up many orders (I ran out of some kits and am ordering yarns and shipping) but while the emotion is there I have to state that this was one of the most incredible experiences of my knitting life. Not only was it validating as a designer (you know me in my cave with my kids and husband...there is only so much feedback one can expect here!) Sally Field said at the Oscars, they liked me, they really really liked me! But meeting my She-Knits cyber knitting circle members blew me was incredibly surreal to meet real breathing people instead of just seeing their lovely keyboard strokes, or in some cases hearing their Skype voices. Also I just somehow felt so taken care of..everyone was so positive and helpful and CARING...I don't think i have ever had such a nice handful of people that were somehow watching my back too.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stitches Midwest, you are so ON!

I am so incredibly excited and pleased that I decided to do Stitches. It has been endless days of preparation and the little ankle biters are being very much left to their own devices...(they aren't such ankle biters being that they are 6, 11,13,15,17,19, and 22...they can do much for themselves, I just have mothers guilt)however I feel very much like I am as prepared as I can be and at set-up today I think my booth will look good and i can't wait to start tomorrow night! I am going to have a Make your own Dumpling station...and we are not talking the edible kind!!!!

Speaking of Dumplings my local bead shop dug around and found a bunch more rings and I bought them all (feels like) I will post pictures after Stitches of the new varieties. Here are some Dumplings I found in the projects on Raverly. Last week their were 13...this week their are 40! Prolific little buggers

Its the best feeling to know people are having fun with their knitting and loving the end result and I am in part the reason why!

I can't wait to feel the energy of the people, I am so incredibly excited to actually meet some of my cyber knitting is surreal!

Note to self (et al.) when you decide last minute to get the streaks in your hair freshened up, and the colorist you have used and trust for a while is out of town, don't use just any other colorist at the hair salon. I haven't been this light blonde streaked in ...well....ever. Its weird. Oh well, this should be my worst problem.

Pictures to come!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

#59 My shoe is full!

They're ba-ack! All my ankle bitting blood sucking wonderful fabulous so different yet all mine .....well sort of mine (are your kids really "your's"?). Man oh man I like having them all here so much it hurts. It hurts because its no longer the norm, 5 here is the norm , no longer seven. It is something that happens, I am telling you, your children will grow up and leave least leave physically living in your house 24/7......sigh. But listen, I am not going to stew about it or feel sad even one second longer because the reality is it is the way it is and it is for the most part a positive thing. When kids can't launch , usually something is going on that is difficult.

I will announce winners of the contest in which you so kindly answered all my fiber festival questions a bit later today when I let kiddo's randomly pick you winers out. Check back to see if it is you and THANK YOU to all that entered!


37 people entered so since I said i would pick1 winner per 15 people I am letting one of my children pick 2 winners by asking her to chose 2 numbers between 1 and 37. She picked 6 + 11 and so the winners are:
Feminist Knitter

I also gave an extra prize to CoggieTM because of her really brilliant suggestion about bringing a standing mirror because we women like to see ourselves! I think the mirror will help sell! Again thank you for all of you that took the time to enter, I appreciated reading through all of your answers.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dumpling Bag by Me in Interweave Knits Fall 08


I am published in Interweave Knits. It's surreal and as wonderful as you might imagine.Here are my sweet little Dumplings. I told you they were sweet and quiet, not calling out for attention but rather shy and reserved but oh so clever. Below is the prototype (embroidery is different on the final) so you get a better idea of how they can close two ways that give them either a Dumpling look or a Crescent look. I hope everybody that likes them makes one all over the world. A world full of sweet little Dumplings, not bad.

Knitty rejected my Fall submission. Three strikes in a row.....AND I REFUSE TO BE OUT. One day Knitty, you will be mine. I'llllll be back! I am already workind on the winter submission ;)

Scroll down to the next post for the show #57 contest.

Monday, July 21, 2008

#57 Summer least for me they are adventures!

Show # 57 is up in i-tunes or at . I already am digressing in that I want to show you what is right inside my doorway on the floor as I welcome you into my home.

This is the Elsa Schaperelli Hat that I talked about that Issac Mizrahi wants.......should I write a pattern for him? Issac, are you out there, are you drooling?

So what excites you when you go to a fiber festival?
I become instantly overwhelmed and it just looks like yarn and more yarn and more yarn and I don't feel excited when I walk around I feel ...kind of down and like ther is no air in the room (no I wasn't have an anxiety least not a big one)...not exactly sure why except there is a weird down kind of energy there, not necessarily from the shoppers but rather from the vendors. I was not a vendor however I was looking at it from the perspective of what it would be like to be a retail vendor.

I noticed that when I stepped into someones booth, more times then not people did not make eye contact or smile. Now again this was definitely not all, however it was enough that I noticed. I had never been to a festival before this one, and I went to this at the very end of last year when people were closing down and I felt the same thing. I assumed it was because they were focused elsewhere and the event was over. This time I went the last day early afternoon and felt that same feeling.

In case you are thinking I probably just felt that way because I wanted to feel that way so I could easily talk myself out of being a vendor in the future....well....I really tried to take "me" out of the equation and just really try to soak it in and of course there is a chance I couldn't separate myself enough out of it. Maybe my expectations of happy excited knitters....happy excited vendors was too much...this is really hard work for these vendors and they have probably seen it all and maybe its not their job to be too charming. While I was at TNNA I was so very excited to be there and be selling and see all the people that you couldn't hold my excited energy back! It really was different going to this fair.

Contest from #57 questions. Answer questions in the comments so we can all have some fun reading. I am not making this easy have to work a little to win some knitting books. I know I am going to give away one however depending how many people actually enter I might give away up to 3. I think I will give away 1 for every 20 people that enter and be sure to include your e-mail or a way for me to track back to you in case you win the random drawing. Deep breath....You have to answer at least 7 questions. if you answer less you are not in...and you want to be in dontcha?

1.Do you go through a fiber festival looking for just the right color and weight of yarn to grab you?

2. When you are at a fiber festival or visit different yarn shops does everything yarn- wise kind of look the same eventually?

3. What is your favorite "newest thing" you have found about knitting (i.e. a new way of doing something, a new yarn, a new pattern)?

4. Do most of the sellers look happy and energetic or tired and depleted?

5. Do you look at the jewelry and pottery with purchasing in mind?

6. Do you EVER see an indie pattern designers sitting there just selling patterns or kits or do you only see patterns and kits in the booths that are small versions of the host of the booths knit shop?

7. Do you mostly go to just walk and be amongst the fibers and yarney people, not really to buy?

8. What do you think would be a helpful suggestion if I am to do a fiber fest that would help draw people into my booth 0' patterns and kits...besides the obvious (my dazzling beauty and effervescent outgoing personality)

9. What is your favorite guilty doesn't necessarily have to do with knitting!

10.Knowing what you know about me and my work, and if you have been to a Stitches event (you know what you like to see if you have gone before), do you imagine my patterns and kits would work there in terms of selling (and don't worry I won't hold you to it) ?? !

11. What is the meaning of life and what is your favorite color and what would you like to see from She-Knits next? At lease answer one part of this silly will be given an extra entry if you make me laugh or actually come up with an idea I use!

Wow, one would think I drink a lot of coffee....when I actually drink zero caffiene (maybe it was the Krunchers I just ate)

Here is the Elsa Schalerelli Shoe Hat ...a must see.

Below are the people I mentioned that were interviewed on Jennifer Ackerman-Haywoods podcast Craftsanity

Fabric Desinger Anna Marie Horner

Felted Food Designer Hillary Seabolt

Let me know if I promised other links...seriously, hold me accountable. To finish I would like to show you a hysterical scarf I the only one out here that didn't know about this?

Bacon Scarf

I don't know if anyone reads this, however .......

It's Monday....Monday are good days to start with an inspiring quote.

To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first.

Take it easy. Try to do Monday like you are casting on your first row….doing the ribbing…which may be a chore, but it will help create the desired overall look and keep things in their place.

I went to Midwest Fiber and Folk Fair and found it overwhelming and sort of depressing....I can't write about it so I need to talk (aka podcast) about it.

We can do this…we can all do this. Make it a good day.

I am so into these 2 weeks of just having the big man (age 50) and the little man (age 6) around. I love my days of just being able to work on my business. I feel tremendously guilty that I feel relieved that my kids are happily occupied at their various places. I feel guilty I don't miss them more. I miss them, no doubt, however knowing that it is short lived makes it ok. I am also thrilled that my oldest will be living here (or downtown) now. I only have to have one away at college this year....and its so much fun to have a great place (Colorado) to visit.

It so inspires me when one of my students creates the Sharon Bag. I haven't even officially written up the pattern for sale because I have been so involved with other patterns. I now have two more people that are working on it from such a typo filled pattern...oh well, it doesn't seem to be getting in their way.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm in Knitscene Winter 08'

Like someone in my She-Knits cyber knitting circle said...I am off and running! I am thrilled that another design of mine will be in a Inteweave publication! Thing is , it is a bit of a mystery how you get yourpaws on Knitscene as it isn't by subscription, you just have to hope to snag it when you see it at your LYS or Borders. The preview of the Fall Knitscene was up in Knitting Daily last week and there were a couple things that looked really nice. I LOVE FALL/WINTER KNITTING!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

#56 What's Up

I am way to happy with such things as swatching! I am having so much fun figuring out combinations of yarns and patterns and beading and felting swatches that, well...seriously, a person shouldn't be having this much fun swatching. Ther is nothing like being in the creative idea after the next. I don't even know why its happening, but am happy it is.
I posted a new pattern. Nothing earth shaking in terms of my slip stitch patterning love, but what I love about her is that you can create a nice sized bag in one piece, top down in a day, or weekend. She is kinda hot too!


Kiki Red (1)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

#55 Still trying to figure it all out

How do I make this work...should I call yarn shops...should I e-mail them....send a brochure...what someone tell me what to do. I sold bunches of patterns at TNNA and am now scattered across the US!!! Thing is, I realized in the end I sold to only 14 shops. I couldn't get to people fast enough and once the Brown Sheep trunk show of my bags booked up until August 09 that was both wonderful and awful.

So, now I am offering a trunk show directly from me! I think i will e-mail people a brochure....or snail mail. Hmmmmm.

There's a new girl in town and her name is PHOEBE- she is a medium sized bag created with bulky weight yarn single strand, most of bag is worked in the round, exterior pocket has an intarsia flower...don't be skird, try it...the pocket is added at the end and it very achievable in that it is 32 rows of 30 stitches...feeling inspired? Go to my on-line shop for more details on the pattern or complete kit.

Phoebe (4)
Low Intermediate
Height: 13 inches
Width: 13.25 inches at widest point

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

#54 Interview with Interweave Knits Katie Himmelberg

I just posted the interview with Katie Himmelberg. We talk about pregnancy, picking suitable yarns for projects and what drives fashion trends. She was so kind to give me some of her time, however I am not sure if I didn't talk more then she did and that is not good in an interview. I think she may be a little on the shy side...or maybe exhausted....which is so understandable. I sense that Eunny, Lisa and Katie work really really hard...and that putting out magazines is an exciting and exhausting career.

I need to figure out how to get my ame out there to LYS's across the country. Even though I had good success at TNNA, bottom line was that I probably only pitched to about 25 people and I sold to 14 was really easy to sell patterns once people realized there was this great trunk show they could also get. But once that booked out through August of 09', it made it harder to sell.

So, now I have decided to offer a trunk show of my own that can be booked through me. Good idea huh? Samples sell patterns AND YARN. How man times have you walked into your LYS and seen a finished item and though I really want to knit that (or not). Trunk shows rock. Contact me if you want to give your LYS a flyer, you might wina free pattern from me if they actually order!

I can't wait for Interweave Knits Fall comes out. Of course I hope that those are inspired to knit my sweet little wristlet do so, however I think I truly truly might have to knit a cardigan i saw in there...I take that back, I think a more realistic thing for me would be one of the awesome vests....wait until you see the two really awesome vests...I feel inspired.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

#53 T freakinNNA

Hi! Still here at more 1/2 day to go. I just am putting up a podcast to tell you all about it. Classic moment happened on my way back to the hotel. I was walking the 8 city block walk from one Hyatt to the other Hyatt and am crossing the street holdling the two books I scored for free today, More Big Girl Knits and Sweater Renewal...and the streets are just empty except for random groups of women here and there...I am cradling the books and my cell phone is pressed to my ear and I am chatting with my husband....and two women are walking by me going the other way and one of them has a big smile on her face and is looking at me and says 'thats our book!' in a split second I realized the two women were Jillian Moreno and Amy Singer, so I flashed the front cover of the book (it had been facing in) and gave her a big smile...the front cover has her on it..and I kept walking and talking to my husband.

Can you imagine how I wanted to turn around and walk with them and whisper in Amy's ear how I hope she will pick my submission for the Fall Knitty and that she rejected the cutest Martini Bag and that it was funny because just after that Interweave decided to publish TWO (not one but TWO) of my designs....but I kept walking and talking to my husband cause you know what...we are all working or relaxing after working and it just wouldn't of been appropriate...and I get it and I am part of it yet not.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

#52 It all blends together.

Is it that way for everyone that works at home...and who's husband works at home....and who has kids at home. Or is it something about when you knit for work and knit for fun and knit for sanity?

I talk about:
Toothpick Optional

Happy Hour Melissa (15)


Noni Bags

5 more days until I go to TNNA.....eeeekkkk...YAYYY!!!!!

Want a job in about as Nora Gaughan's assistant....

Design Assistant:

Berroco Inc, a major importer of hand knitting yarns, is currently searching for a design assistant. (Berroco is Located in Uxbridge , MA – approximately 1 hour by car from Boston, MA, 35 minutes from Providence, RI)

Duties to include:
• Designing of hand knit and crochet garments for woman, men and children
• Writing newsletters and fashion copy
• Social, fashion and trend spotting
• Working with national knitting magazines
• Domestic and international travel for trade shows

• Hand knit design experience
• Ability to knit, crochet, and sketch
• Profeciency with Mac and PC including layout, drawing, spreadsheet, & internet
• College degree

• Salary commensurate with experience
• Benefits

• Please submit resume by e-mail to Norah Gaughan, Design Director

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Knitters start your engines.....

Vroom Vroom idle idle idle idle...that is where I idle. I have done most of the vroom vrooming and though there seems to be daily work and changes within the idling...I am just waiting to get to TNNA and see how it goes. I am also trying to figure out what all I need to do if I truly am going to get a booth at Stitches. Have you been to Stitches? What would draw you to a designers booth...what catches your eye when you are there? Do you usually go there just for the yarn?

Special Episode of She-Knits Podcast Part II of Lessons Learned While Knitting First Garment
I think ShrinkyKnitter is so funny, love her Lessons Learned etc. The last part will be aired mid-June. Next She-knits Podcast episode will just be me.

I submitted again to Knitty......idle idle idle idle...I love the design I submitted and hope they do never knows...and if one did then one would go by a lottery ticket.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Work work work work

Not complaining...just saying. Everyday I learn something new that I should do to make things better and often it entails going through every pattern and making a change. Now I am trying to figure out how to use the Intuit software Simple Start 2008 and doing detailed little things like assigning each pattern a product sounds inane but its all these little things that take so much time, that will in the end save me time... however you know what is frustrating... SO FRUSTRATING...I have NO TIME TO KNIT...urgggggg.

Again, aren't I lucky that this is what I am complaining about? I need an assisatant...and for that matter I need a chauffeur...and a cook and a laundress, oh and another two sets of hands....and if I am going to put it all out there I could use a trainer too..........and my own jet.

A girl of simple needs.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Is She-Knits at your LYS? See the growing list here!


Green Planet Yarns - Campbell
Lori's Frames Fibers and Frills - Alpine
Michael Levine Inc. - Los Angeles


Green Valley Weavers - Colorado Springs
Knit Knack - Arvada
Knitters Kove - Colorado Springs
Needle Rock Fiber Arts - Telluride
Purl N Pottery Too - Cedaredge
String - Highlands Ranch

Strings and Sticks - Ellijay

NeedleDee - Flossmoor
Prarie Arts and Fibers - Grayslake
Village Knit Whiz - Glenview

Knit Stop - Indianapolis

Newton Beadery - Newton

Metaphor Yarns - Shelburn

Thread Bear Fiber Arts Studio - Lansing

3 Kittens Needle Arts - Mendota Hts.
All About Yarn - Coon Rapids

Amazing Threads - Maple Grove
Between Friends - Brainerd
Bonnie's Spinning Wheel - St.Cloud
Crates of Yarn - Fergus Falls
Gallery of Dreams - Alexandria
Monika's - Park Rapids
Sheepy Yarn Shoppe - White Bear Lake
Silver Creek Cabin - Buffalo
Sister's Scrapbooking Shop - Cloquet

MisKnits - Kansas City
The Yarn Center - Hamilton

Personal Threads - Omaho

Yarn and Fiber Company - Derry

Woolbearers - Mount Holly

Pioneer Yarn Company - Minden

Cornwall Yarn Shop - Cornwall

Baskets of Yarn - Charlotte
Silver Threads and Golden Needles - Franklin

River Colors Yarn Studio - Lakewood
The Yarn Shop - Columbus
Yarn Cravin' - Perrysburg

The Web -Sters - Ashland

Switzer's Countryside - Seven Valleys

Knotty Knitter - Mitchell

Yarn Patch - Crossville

The Hen House - Spring
Lone Star Quiltworks - Bryan
The Tinsmith's Wife - Comfort
Twisted Yarns - Spring
Whirled Fibers - Duncanville

Apple Yarns - Bellingham
Yorkshire Yarns - Lakewood

Loops and Links Yarns - De Pere
Main St. Yarn Shop - Hartford


Dancing Sheep - Casper


Beehive Wool Shop - Victoria

Effiloche - Montreal

Maiwa Handprints - Granville Island


Stash Yarns - London

Saturday, May 10, 2008

50 at 50

She-Knits podcast #50 (isn't that my jubilee podcast?) is an interview with Lisa Shoyer who is senior editor of Interweave Knits, editor of Knit Scene and co-editor of the special issue of Interweave Felting Issue. I got to bug Lisa for an interview as I was in the process of knitting up my projects that are going to be in the upcoming Interweave publications (am so excited I still can't believe it). Hope everyone enjoys it!

I am, as mmarker (on Ravelry) put a flaming ball of creativity....well I know I am at least a flaming ball of something. I do feel on fire with trying to get ready for TNNA whilst trying to really get everything going with my wholesale business. I keep thinking of more and more and more bags....I haven't even touched other knitting...well actually I am knitting one other kind of thing, but thats for a Knitty submission...yes....once again I am putting myself in that position again........

Here is the new girl in town, her name is Jane and she is far from plain, a little slip stitching heaven from a mother of seven. Jane is available as a pattern or kit.

Friday, April 25, 2008

She-Knits Knitting Tech, Errata, + Video's

In this lengthy post you will find (in this order):

1. She-Knits pattern corrections.

2.She-Knits Knitting Tech video tutorials on You tube

3. Embroidery instructions (for Dumpling Bag)

4. Hand written tutorial for magnetic snap assembly

LAPORTE TOTE in Intereweave Knits Fall '09
Many people have e-mailed me regarding confusion with Interweaves chart for the cables of the Laporte Tote. The confusion is typically because most often charts start with the right side of your knitting following the chart from the lower right hand corner reading the first row right to left. The chart for the top cable band of the Laporte Tote is knit starting with a WRONG SIDE row and therefore the chart in the magazine starts from the lower LEFT hand corner reading that first row from left to right.
If you own the magazine and would like the text directions I wrote for the pattern please contact me at sdreifuss[AT!] msn [DOT]com
Yarn Forward #14
A person contacted me on Ravelry with an error in the Katie Bag pattern in the magazine.
It’s on the directions for the Cable Pattern for the side of the bag (that eventually turns into the handles).
It is row 3: K6, p1, sl2 wyif, p1, k1 - is what is printed
it should be:
Row 3: K6, p1, sl2 wyif, p1, k6

1. She-Knits pattern corrections

LORIN The interior pocket for Lorin is worked with a single strand of Lamb's Pride Bulky. Also note there is no exterior pocket on Lorin.

2.She-Knits video tutorials on You Tube

Applied i-cord bind off with decreases

Creating strap or button holes in the round using knitted cast on

Faire Isle in the round

Tuck Stitch


3. She-Knits Knitting Tech text and picture tutorials
SHE-KNITS KNITTING TECH text and pictorial tutorials below cover techniques used within She-Knits patterns in case the lovely She-Knits knitters need more detailed information. Most She-Knits patterns that are labeled beginner or advanced beginner have this information within the pattern itself however embroidery stitches used are detailed below. Intermediate She-Knits patterns do not go in to as much detail, however details of techniques in those patterns may also be found here. Please contact She-Knits if you have any questions.

Applied i-cord cast off
This is often used to finish the top of the bag however many she-Knits patterns use applied i-cord cast off with decreases (which are noted in each individual pattern).
With backwards loop cast on cast 2 sts. on left hand needle. *K1, sl 1, k1 (this stitch will be the first stitch from the body of the bag) With the left needle, pass the slipped stitch over the last knit stitch. Slip those sts. back onto the left hand needle*. Repeat between *’s until all top of bag sts have been knitted. Cast off the remaining 2 sts. leaving a long tail.

Backwards loop cast on
*Loop working yarn and place it on -needle backward so that it doesn’t unwind. Repeat from *.

Embroidery Stitches (detailed instruction coming soon)

Bring the thread up at the top of the line and hold it down with the left thumb. Insert the needle where it last emerged and bring the point out a short distance away. Pull the thread through, keeping the working thread under the needle point.

Bring the thread out at the required position, hold the thread down where it emerges with the left thumb and encircle the thread twice with the needle (see A). Still holding the thread firmly with your thumb, twist the needle back to the starting point and insert it close to where the thread first emerged (not in the exact place or it will simply pull back through). Pull the needle through to the back, leaving a small knot on the surface, as shown, or pass on to the position of the next stitch as at B.

Lazy Daisy Stitch:

(also know as a Detached Chain Stitch)

Work in the same way as Chain Stitch (A), but fasten each loop at the center with a small stitch (B). This stitch may be worked singly or in groups to form flower petals.

Slightly Overlapping Back Stitch or Stem Stitch:

Working from left to right, bring the needle up at A, down at B, up at C, down at D. Continue this pattern to create raised effect.

When working I-cord, work is not turned. Instead of turning the work around to work back on the WS, slide all sts to the other end of the needle, switch the needle back to your left hand, bring the yarn around the back of the work, and start knitting the sts again. After the first 2 sts, give the yarn a sharp tug. Repeat this row to form I-cord. After a fewrows, the work will begin to form a tube.

Intarsia is large blocks of single colors that make a design. Separate small wound balls of yarn or bobbins of yarn are used for each area of a color across the row.

Every knitter develops her/his own preference of what to do in terms of the many colors needed. For smaller sections some like to leave a long
strand of yarn dangling. Some people like to make their own butterfly center pull balls of yarn. Prepare your various yarn colors before you
begin your color work chart.

The most important part of doing intarsia work is to minimize the holes that can be created when changing colors. When you come to the edge of a
color block and want to start a new color, the NEW color is always brought up UNDERNEATH the OLD yarn strand. As you work your way up the knitting, this twists the strands around each other, connecting the edges of each color to the next. At every color joint do the same, NEW
yarn *under* OLD. This is much easier to see on the purl side of your knitting. If there are small gaps when you are done with your knitting felting will take care of much of this. If there are larger gaps it is best to use your yarns ends to neatly sew together any larger gaps before you felt your bag.


Magnetic snap placement on Dumpling Bag (shown on Double Dumpling)

Ribbon mounting magnetic snap (double click on written tutorial or images to enlarge) The tutorial shows how to mount the snap in grosgrain ribbon. The pictures of examples of the mounted snaps sewn in to the bags. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

#49 Knitting changed me.

I will write more later however I wanted to put this up in case there are people not on Ravelry that wanted to enter the contest in Episode #49. You can enter by leaving a comment here if you aren't in Ravelry...but first I guess you will have to isten to she show to hear what the contest is....oh bother

I will write more soon.....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Be in the Moment #48

I recently realized that one of the aspects of knitting that I really love is when I am following a pattern that I have to pay attention a lace repeat that can be memorized....and I am just repeating that over and over in my head and something about the rhythm and looking at the yarn color and feeling the texture of they yarn...and even better with music, or a podcast, or a book on tape in my ears...and I am so at peace and IN THE MOMENT...must be all right brain stuff...none of that left brain chatter. Well maybe the memorization of the pattern is left, but everything else is right.

Please please follow THIS link and watch this amazing video of this persons experience of having a stroke. Neuro-anatomist Jill Bolte Taylor talks about how when she was 37 she had a stroke and realized it while it was happening. Talk about being in the moment...this is really fascinating. Be oatient it takes a minute to open....take a breath or two and chill out.

The ravelry link:

HERE is Stitch Studs Blog and on the right is a link to toe-up sock tutorial booklet that you can preview part of and a link to purchase it. It allows for your own yarn choice needle choice etc.

HERE is the direct link to purchase the sock tutorial if you are on Ravelry.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If you like to look at

knitting blogs....
and you like to look around Ravelry.....
and you like to keep up your own blog and write coments in other people's blogs and talk in the Forum (especially the Sheknits Circle)
how do you EVER have any time to knit......I'm serious

Thursday, March 27, 2008

#47 Try try again- She-Knits Podcast

I have never spent so much time knitting a few rows and frogging completely...over and over...for 3 hours one afternoon, then 2 more hours that evening...unresolved. The net day my brain and needles reconnected and all is well. Have a listen to the latest episode for more details.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I am a so nervous .....

40 minutes more. I just finished knitting the project for Interweave Felts...and now I have just put it in the washer...and I am so afraid it won't work out how I want it to. The thinkg with felting is it is not an exact science. The thing with this project is the amazing yarn that we agreed upon my using is vastly different then what I created the original project in. I had to do multiple swatches and wanted to do another but was concerned that I wouldn't have enough left for the actual project. I know this sounds weird but sometimes when I am designing and doing the knitting part, I get these little feelings that come out of nowhere i.e. "this is the last row" or "add another few sts."...almost like voices "if you build it they will come" kind of voices. I did have some of that while knitting this project but there is just this unkwn factor of it still being an unfamiliar yarn to me and that i never actually knit a swatch with the exact dimensions but rather guessed form what I did and didn't like on the swatches as to how to proceed. 34 minutes more.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The skip in my step still has not left!

Maybe because I am still in process creating project #2 for Interweave. I realize as I am doing this, I need to continually be sketching (which I am) and casting on for new designs. It needs to be an ongoing thing.

I am so wanting to continue the Central Park Hoodie, and alse the Drops Eskimo pattern keeps calling to me. I can not have anything else on the needles...I just don't think I am a sweater knitter during this design phase in my life. It pretty much takes up all my time...and I am fine with it on the one hand, however feel somehow out of it in the Circle as I don't have anthing to talk about but bags bags bags. I do keep up with everything everyone is doing and I do know alot of what is out there...jsut not knitting it myself.

I have a bunch of bag ideas......and I want to get a solid newbunch of patterns up and for sale!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

FREE Sheknits for Knitters purse pattern

Bunnies Got Back - a knit and felted Bag Pattern great for beginners interested in trying out intarsia!

By Sharon Dreifuss -

For more of Sharon's knitting patterns + kits

I know spring is here when I see an abundance of those fluffy little white tails hopping away from me as I make my way back to the outdoors. When it warms up outside it means I can size down to a small on the go bag which can be worn on my wrist, or thrown in my ever present big bag if need be. What shouts springtime more then bright pink, green and white? About the sweet and silly pom-poms, well, spring makes me feel giddy. The bunnies aren’t the only ones showing there tails in the sun.


One (perfect for cell phone, i-pod, keys, bills, mints)


Before Felting
Height: 7 inches (from below small loop)
Width: 7 inches
Wrist Strap Length: 14 inches

After Felting
Height: 5.5 inches after assembly
Width: 5.5 inches
Wrist Strap Length: 10 inches

After Felting


[MC] Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky [85% wool, 15% mohair; 125yd/114m per 113g skein] ; M-38: Lotus Pink; 1 skein (or 80 yds)

[CC] Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky [85% wool, 15% mohair; 125yd/114m per 113g skein] ; M- 11 : White Frost; 1 skein (or 50 yds)

Embroidery yarn for bunny detail:

Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted [85% wool, 15% mohair; 190yd/173m per 113g skein];

[A] M-05: Onyx (used to outline bunny) 2 yds;

Pom-pom yarns;

The two Pom–poms are made in Lamb’s Pride Bulky yarn.You will need approximately one yard of white for bunny’s tail, and one yard of green for bag closure pom-pom.

1 set US # 13/9mm double pointed needles

1 set US # 13/9mm straight needles

Tapestry needle for embroidery and assembly

1 red seed bead for bunny eye (optional)

Small Pom-Pom Maker to make 1-2 inch pom-pom or cut cardboard pieces into circles to create your own pom-pom maker



10sts/ 15 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch (un-felted)

Exact gauge is not important for this pattern


Intarsia knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colors

i-cord When working I-cord, work is not turned. Instead of turning the work

around to work back on the WS, slide all sts to the other end of the needle, switch the needle back to your left hand, bring the yarn around the back of the work, and start knitting the sts again. After the first 2 sts, give the yarn a sharp tug. Repeat this row to form I-cord. After a few rows, the work will begin to form a tube.

kfb knit into the front and back of the same stitch. (This gives you 2sts.)

m1 make one stitch by inserting left needle, from front to back, under the horizontal strand between last stitch worked and next stitch on left hand needle, forming a loop on the needle, knit through the back of this loop.

Bag is worked from; the small loop closure down the front of bag following colorwork Bunny Chart from the top of chart, Row 20 (then 19,18, 17 and so on) down to row 1, then up the front of bag. Embroidery details are done before felting. Next bag is assembled and wrist strap is knit. Bag is then felted. Pom-poms are added after bag is felted.


With double pointed needle and [MC] CO 2 sts. and i-cord for 3 inches (10 rows) to create loop closure. Leave i-cord on needle. With other double pointed needle pick up 2 stitches from the first row of the i-cord (Figure 1 )

The picked up stitches will initially be very tight however they will loosen up as soon as you knit across them. Connect those two sets of stitches by knitting the 2 stitches of your left hand needle onto the right hand needle keeping tension as even as possible (4sts.).

Next row: Purl back

You are now ready to begin your increases.

Row 1: *kfb, m1*; repeat from*-* across row, end kfb (11 sts)

Row 2: Purl back

Row 3: K1, kfb in next 9 sts, last stitch k1 (20 sts)

Row 4: Purl back

Switch to straight needles and continuing in Stockinette Stitch follow Colorwork Bunny Chart (see pattern notes regarding Colorwork Chart) from the TOP DOWN (Row 22, the 21,20, etc.) for the next 22 rows

Next: Continue in Stockinette Stitch for 7 inches ending with a purl row.

Next row : On the right or knit side , bind off all stitches.

Side seams

With right sides facing and MC sew sides seams together as close to edge as possible with whip stitch.

Wrist strap

Turn bag so right side is out. Pick up 3 stitches as evenly as possible directly over side seam where bag is seamed together. I-cord those 3 stitches for 14 inches (40 rows). Bind off and sew that end onto other side of bag over other side seam so strap is evenly attached.


Create 2 small (1-2 inch) pom-poms, one in white and one in green. Pom-Poms do not get felted so do not attach pom-poms until after bag is felted.

With tapestry needle and [A] work chain stitch around bunny adding an extra stitch to accent bunny nose profile.

Sew seed bead in for bunny eye if desired

Felt bag

Place your finished bag inside a zippered pillow case (not laundry mesh bag), add an old pair of rubber flip-flops or jeans (for extra agitation) to washing machine set on hottest temperature. Use a little laundry soap. Turn machine on and it will do the felting for you. If you are new to felting run machine on short cycle (15-30 minutes) and check to see felting progress. Felt the bag until it's the size and texture you desire. Under-felting leaves stitch definition and bag will be floppy with knit-like structure. Over-felting leaves bag over shrunken and destroyed so watch your progress until you understand how felting works in your machine.

When finished felting stuff with old plastic grocery bags to desired shape and air dry.

Sew on pom-pom bunny tail smack dap in the middle of bunny backside. Sew on closure pom-pom 1 inch below top of bag back so closure loops fits nicely over it.

Sharon knits, designs, podcasts and parents seven children just outside of Chicago. You can contact her, find more designs and purse kits at If you would like an earful of Sharon to keep you company while you knit go to http://she-knits.mypodcast


All content and photos are the property of She-Knits©.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

#46 Konchiwa

I had such a nice talk with such a nice woman in Japan....THANK YOU Kathleen!!

Select someone you think could use a litlle (not so little) Omiyage! The thread has been started in Ravelry to place your nominee in there. In the end it will be the luck of the draw!

I am done knitting project #1 for Interweave yeah! I was told that the yarn that gave me the yarngasm just by the look of it on the computer screen shall arrive tomorrow ...I am beyond excited ...the best anticipation eva!

Have you tried the blocking puzzle from Coco knits? DO you think its good compared to big solid cumbersome well demarcated blocking board?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

#45 What is the plan

I am having a hard time coming up with a cohesive plan for myself. I realize I don't like to plan my personal knitting...what little of it ther is...because then I feel so guilty when I don't get to it...which I really don't lately!

Am still giddy while I am knitting the secret Intereweave Knits project with the lovely and generous yarns they sent. Am still waiting for the unber amazing yarn for the IK Felts project. The contracts came today. I feel so priviledged that I get to be part of the new and more humane to designers contract! Thank you Annie Modesitt and thank you IK!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I still can't believe...

that I am sitting her knitting yarn that was picked out by knit for Interweave....this is a dream come true. I hope to be so worthy. This project for IK Fall 08' is cute, and something special, but not my typical makes me nervous that people can't wait to see it because I think some of things I have already designed are far more spectacular then this and that they will somehow be disappointed. Well, spectacular is kind of a big word...but this design is a quiet sweet project .....does this make sense. Its not like a ba-bammmmmm...more like an awwwwwww. Wish I could show pictures ...but I can't ;) When I designed this last year, a artist told me I should enter it into a contest as she was sure I would earn press. I wasn't sure what she was talking about, but I did save it and never posted a picture of it and now am so glad I saved it for something ...and the something was getting published!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

#44 One reason why.

I Finally finished the two gigando Melly Bags and just love it in gray and pink.

Melly Bag (5)

I keep trying to out grow my love for light pink, but alas at 50 I still lurve it!

Here is the blog with the post about the variegated sweater I spoke about.

I finished the bag part of another customer Dream Floral and was stunned into horrified silence when I held it up and noticd that I had oriented it wrongly. I like most of the pattern to be on the front with a little wrapped around one side and a bit more wrapped around to the back on the other side. I did the whole thing wrapping one side. My LYS owner made the best suggestion when she said , rip and re-do the bottom. I cut off the bottom and picked up all the stitches and am going to make a mitered bottom.

Dream Floral #2 for B 002

Dream Floral #2 for B 001

Should be.....

Dream Floral #2 for B 003

Hey, maybe after cutting off the bottom of this I will lose all fear of steeking!

I don't care for varigated yarn and lace together unless the varigated yarn is very subtle and the lace pattern is very plain. Seriously...whats the point? Seems to me to show off lace at its best a solid or subtley hued yarn is in order. I also think a colorful yarn and cables don't make sense either I think in the end one need be very careful on multicolored yarn altogether. It can be stunning, such as Koigu creations (which I have never done) or hideous as witnessed below. Doesn't this look plain ugly?

Kind of looks harmless at first glance....

Shoulder Tote Cables on Pockets (1)

trust me, its just bad....

Shoulder Tote Cables on Pockets (2)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

#43 Is this happening?

New podcast is up...Epiode #43 Is this happening... Find it on i-tunes uner She-knits Podcast or find it HERE

My exciting news is out! Sheknits is being published not only in Interweave Knits 08' but in Interweave Knits Felting Issue as well! I still can't believe it. I'm more the thrilled. Now I have to learn how to develop an additional persona called confident and assertive Sheknits. I need to learn how to market myself. This is my breakthrough moment...right? So I need to jump on it...and put on my big girl panties and figure it out and and and.


I am knitting on the same custom orders, having finished one Melly Bag which is currently still in the wash. I just finished another bag that I am going to really interesting and I've not seen anything like it before. I have Central Park Hoodie on the needles awaiting some attention. I have a silk scarf and Wicked languishing on some needles.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

#42 What makes you feel sucessful?

SO are shownotes important? Is anyone really loking at this. Please leave me comments if you think shownotes are an important aspect of the Sheknits podcast and I will try to do a better job if you need me to.

I have been in Colorado all week nursing my college freshman because she fell down and went boom and broke. Snowboarding is an expensive sport especially when you break your shoulder. Argggggg.

In the show I ask, what is it that you do to feel sucessful? We all need to, is it mere attitude, like finding success in small ways , or does something have to be big to be successful?

What should we do for the march KAL? I started a thread in the Sheknits Podcast group in the Raverly forums asking this question..pipe up if you want to.

I would like to here about your favorite knitted objects i.e. animals, toys, useful knitted objects. Please leave it on Raverly, here or contact me and let me know particular patterns you have enjoyed .

I am knitting Central Park Hoodie in Mission Falls Cotton 1834 in the prettiest softest pumpkin color.. in one piece.

I also am still finishing two Melly Bags and a Dream Floral Bag.

Are you looking for a new knit and felted bag pattern or complete kit. Go to and buy a pattern or a kit or some Creature Knitting Needles.

Do these shownotes matter...or help...or is there anyone really reading them?

Monday, February 18, 2008

#41 On Eggshells

THe shownotes are incomplete right this moment. I will try to complete them by 2/20

Yay for the return of my MacBook

Hi SheKnitters-

I finally missed a week however it was not by choice but rather computer meltdown. When i was trying to post last weeks show my computer lost it's mind and in the end they had to re-install the hard drive and left me with some of my documents with everything else gone. What was that, did you really ask if I backed up my laptop......well, I will now once I figure out how to. Its only a computer...right??!!!

So tomorrow I go to Boulder to be with the broken shouldered daughter while she of the 10th percentile that needs surgery when they break their shoulder, gets her surgery. I will kindly accept and hope for the kind wishes through the Universe of all of my Circle that sends it. We need to all be on the mend here ...lots of sickness in the last 2 weeks...we need Spring to come...some new growth...especially those of us in that are silly enough to call the Midwest and East our homes...well we know there is more to life then weather...but seriously hopefully we can start an upward and on the mend time for those of you that have had all that winter yeech in your homes.

I am continuing with the two customer Melly Bags, and the one customer Dream Bag (which is looking particularly gorgey.

I am swatching for either CPH or Sweaterbabes Lush and Lacey Cardigan...depending on which I can get gauge on ..using either Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece or Rowan Calmer. So far Calmer has been 5 1/4 on an 8, then I think I got correct gauge on a 10 but the fabric was too loosey goosey. Now I am trying it doubled in the Calmer before I move on to Cotton Fleece...cuz I like Calmer more better.