Saturday, May 24, 2008

Knitters start your engines.....

Vroom Vroom idle idle idle idle...that is where I idle. I have done most of the vroom vrooming and though there seems to be daily work and changes within the idling...I am just waiting to get to TNNA and see how it goes. I am also trying to figure out what all I need to do if I truly am going to get a booth at Stitches. Have you been to Stitches? What would draw you to a designers booth...what catches your eye when you are there? Do you usually go there just for the yarn?

Special Episode of She-Knits Podcast Part II of Lessons Learned While Knitting First Garment
I think ShrinkyKnitter is so funny, love her Lessons Learned etc. The last part will be aired mid-June. Next She-knits Podcast episode will just be me.

I submitted again to Knitty......idle idle idle idle...I love the design I submitted and hope they do never knows...and if one did then one would go by a lottery ticket.

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Alpaca Granny said...

Try to enjoy your idleness.