Sunday, October 18, 2009

#84 She-Knits What should we call that knitting effect?

We must come up with a name of the effect that occurs when you knit that results in a sense of calm....for me I will even go further to say it is even healing. Any thoughts on a name -
Knitease - no not Knit tease, Knit ease
Whats your thought on a name?

I am thinking that the next She-Knits Mystery will begin towards the end of January. You know it will probably be another bag- however I would love some feedback from some of you - would you like another bag, or a shoulderette, hat scarf, wrap or????

A poll with a prize!
I put a poll at the bottom of the blog (scroll all the way down) for you to vote regarding She-Knits next Mystery KAL.If you plan on participating in another She-Knits Mystery please vote so I can get am idea of what you lovely mystery ladies want.

If you want to be put in to the random drawing for a surprise yarn prize, please leave a comment about your poll answer OR you can make up a name for that knitting effect mentioned above to put in your comment OR you can answer the question below. I will put all people that leave a comment in the random drawing for a free bit'o yarn. I will need your Ravelry name in your comment so I can contact you in case you win!
Please vote by 11/1 as I will pick the winner to announce on 11/2.

How do you find your inner peace? You can also optionally answer this question to enter the contest! Short and sweet answers are appreciated.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

#83 Just do it

Just do it, as in record a show already She-Knits. Which I have tried to do numerous times since August. The problem was I became tremendously self conscious every time I tried to edit something out. I would listen to myself and think- yuck and erase the whole thing. Well, I am happy to say I got over myself.

Let's see - only note worthy thing is I talk about my new design and ask for help with calling it something besides a shawletter or scarf. Someone already told me a brilliant soloution...and I changed the designs name to reflect that

Here is the Francie Shoulderette!
I am selling it as a pattern or a 4 skein Cash Vero kit in which you get to pick the colors!

I am having so much fun with SHe-Knits Mystery 2. Most of the people in their are overwhelmingly kind, fun and totally up for it! Clue 2 goes out tomorrow and I am so very exvited!