Saturday, July 25, 2009

#81 Another camp visit and the fun of designing

She-Knits Small Tlak Podcast #81 - have a listen on i-tunes or HERE

I wonder how much of my life I spend saying "I can't believe....." Well, often the times i say this are when repeating something I have done multiple times before and then find myself there again. Like now, I can't believe we have been through another summer camp visit and that it is over.

Designing is beyond fun. Fun sounds like such a trite word for one my most passionate experiences in my life however there is so much fun invloved I wanted to share a little of it.

Here is my Laporte Avenue Bag in the upcoming Interweae Knits Fall '09 - howdoyoulikemenow? ;)

Laporte Avenue 6

She-Knits Mystery KAL finished Emma's

She-Knits Mystery KAL #2 - sign up now!

Check out Gundrun Johstons's Aestlight Shawl...I bought the pattern, and I rarely buy patterns or do shawls. I may very likely never do this one either, but at least I have it just in case!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

#80 She-Knits - On the road again andMystery KAL 1 and announcing Mystery KAL #2!

On the road to Wisconsin, knitting away -listeing to the end of Wally Lamb's The Moment I first believed and starting The Tortilla Curtin.
Can I just say it was 5 hours of bliss driving to Wisconsin...and believe it or not, it really was bliss even with the seven year old in the car!
SO what are your postivie and negative memories about going to overnight camp or maybe your first experiences being away from home. I was never very good at it or interested in it, but I did it
I would love to read your comments!

She-Knits Mystery KAL is coming to end has been amazing and wonderful and I know so many of you shared that you learned so much...which is FANTASTIC.
I too learned so much....not about knitting , but about how to make the KAL better and better.
You can sign up for the 2nd Mystery KAL until August 23.

You can listen to She-Knits Small Talk Podcast #80 HERE or go to to She-Knits on i-Tunes.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

She-Knits Mystery KAL's

What are She-Knits Mystery KAL's?
Well, to start with a KAL (knit-along) is an adventure in which knitters are working on a common project at the same time. She-Knits Mystery KAL, are the same idea however, though you know what the object is that you are going to knit (i.e. a purse or a shawl etc) and are given the materials information, you do not know what your project looks like until you knit the weekly clues and see as it emerges off your needles.

How does the Mystery KAL work?

CLUES - After you purchase the “pattern” from She-Knits Ravelry Shop HERE it will be sent to your e-mail as a PDF, in small achievable sections, known as ‘clues’, on a weekly basis for the duration of the KAL.

VIDEO's - There are always accompanying on-line free YouTube videos created by Sharon that will visually support the knitter through specific techniques used within the pattern. You can view or join my YouTube Channel, SheKnitsSharonD, at any time.

COMMUNITY -There is also an optional to join accompanying group in Ravelry of people whom all are participating in the mystery KAL
It is a group that Sharon creates within Ravelry specifically for She-Knits Mystery KAL’ers. Sharon is the moderator and a participant in the group discussion. The group provides education, support and a very friendly community in which to chat. If you are interested in checking out a prior She-Knits Mystery group, take a look at the She-Knits Mystery 3 group from ROBIN.
and read through some of the threads to get a sense of what to expect. The group is optional to join however I always ask those participating in the KAL to at a minimum join the group so they can stay aware of the IMPORTANT UPDATES thread that I alone post in. You needn't participate in the thread if that kind of thing doesn't float your boat.

To be or not to be She-Knits NOTIFIED! -

If you want to receive the She-Knits once monthly brief Newlsetter, which will tell you when the next She-Knits Mystery KAL is going to be open for sign-ups as well as if there are are any newly published She-Knits patterns, please enter your e-mail addy HERE in the box on the right side of that page.

What others and Sharon thinks about She-Knits Mystery KAL's -

Here is where as a good self promoter I should post some of the good comments people have said but instead I will humbly link you to the Thank Sharon thread one of the participants started in Mystery KAL 2. Holey Moley, these knitters are so nice.
I will be so bold as to say the following:
She-Knits Mystery KAL's have no bad language (maybe a little innuendo)
~no calories,
~you won't go broke
~you may very likey learn a new skill or two and improve your knitterly knowledge
~or at a minimum you will definitely have fun!

You get to work on your project with the group or completely at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, or wherever it is you like to knit.
These are the greatest things EVA! To get on She-Knits notification list which consists of a once monthly breif newsletter that will tell you when the next She-Knits Mystery KAL is open for sign ups and when new She-Knits patterns are published please go to

Do you want to see more?
All completed KAL patterns become available to the public as a regular pattern once the KAL is officially over. Below are some links and pictures from previous She-Knits Mystery KAL's

To see what went on with She-knits first and second Mystery's check out the companion groups HERE and HERE to get a sense of what they are about.

She-Knits Mystery KAL #1 was in Summer of '09, and is called EMMA. The pattern is for sale HERE in Ravelry or HERE in my Etsy shop. There is also a complete kit available (which includes the pattern for free) HERE.
Here is EMMA.
Emma Purple

She-Knits Mystery KAL #2 was done in Fall of '09 and called Autumn Bag, which is now available HERE and HERE.
Autumn Original NeutralsAutumn Scarf Neutrals

Next was She-Knits Mini-Mystery called SHOSHIE and is a lace and beaded shawlette/scarf. This was incredibly fun and popular, so much so that I decided to do another lace and beaded shawl for the next Mystery after Shoshie.

Then She-Knits Mystery KAL #3 was ROBIN + Robin Flew the coop, a beaded shawl or no beads...your choice. Both are now available to the public.