Wednesday, July 15, 2009

#80 She-Knits - On the road again andMystery KAL 1 and announcing Mystery KAL #2!

On the road to Wisconsin, knitting away -listeing to the end of Wally Lamb's The Moment I first believed and starting The Tortilla Curtin.
Can I just say it was 5 hours of bliss driving to Wisconsin...and believe it or not, it really was bliss even with the seven year old in the car!
SO what are your postivie and negative memories about going to overnight camp or maybe your first experiences being away from home. I was never very good at it or interested in it, but I did it
I would love to read your comments!

She-Knits Mystery KAL is coming to end has been amazing and wonderful and I know so many of you shared that you learned so much...which is FANTASTIC.
I too learned so much....not about knitting , but about how to make the KAL better and better.
You can sign up for the 2nd Mystery KAL until August 23.

You can listen to She-Knits Small Talk Podcast #80 HERE or go to to She-Knits on i-Tunes.


Michelle in Colorado Springs said...

How do I sign up for this?

Jersey Shore Deb said...

Hi Sharon,
So many things to share with you today...first, I loved your latest Podcast. Listened to it as I worked out this morning and as we prepare to visit OUR two kids (ages 14 and 16) at camp in the Catskills in NY. The older, our daughter, is a waitress and lifeguard at camp this summer--it is her 7th year. My kids are happier at camp than they are at home. I agree with you that it is such a wonderful experience for them. I went to camp for 5 summers (Nah-Jee-Wah, the NJ YMHA camp in the Poconos) as my mother had done before me. The first summer I cried and cried and asked to come home. By the second summer I loved it and cried when it was time to come home! Needless to say, I think going to college was so much easier for me than for those who hadn't experienced camp.
On to knitting--I am about to start the second strap of the Emma bag. I was a bit nervous about felting after reading some of the comments on the threads, but since we have our long car ride to camp (just like you!), I will make a swatch after I finish the second strap so I will be more confident in my felting. I know I can do it!
Thank you for this wonderful KAL. I think I will opt out of #2 as I have SO many projects in my queue and don't think I need another bag. I would definitely like to participate when you do the wrap, though--I guess I'll hear about it on the Podcast.
Enjoy your visit with your kids. I can't wait to hug mine tomorrow!
Deb (JerseyShoreDeb on the Ravelry thread)