Monday, December 15, 2008

#67 Away and back

We visited California last week looking at schools and homes, I loved San Diego, its so beautiful. I can't imagine moving away and I can't imagine staying there you have it. I talk all about it in this weeks show. Hey, I am so excited, I am going to TNNA in January to once again be in the Brown Sheep booth hawking my goods! Though my patterns are in about 40+ yarn shops all over the US (and one place in Canada and one place in London ) I am not well represented in the west so I am very very excited!

Have a listen to show #67 and say hello if you can, I would love to know that listener's really exist!

Knitty Winter 2008
Shalom Cardigan - Meghan Mc Farlane

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

#66 Moving along

Watch, now instead of disappearing, I will become the THING that won't go away! Time is such a strange thing. Most of the time it goes by too quickly, however when big changes and shifts and adjustments are going on , though it still goes by quickly, I feel each week almost as though I am a new person, or at least a person exploring life anew. One week I think I am staying in my house, and the next week i am certain I am moving and it feels dreadful. Then the next week I am certain I am moving and it feels like sweet relief...etc.etc. When trying to get"control" of ones destiny in a a new and different way, it is almost as though you have to be strong enough to let go of so much control to gain control...does that make sense?

The two yarns I spoke about were;
Cascade Lana Grande for the Double Dumpling and this picture even shows the yummy pink I am knitting with (did my needle clicking bug you during this episode??)

Rowan purelife for the regular Dumpling

Please say hello if you are out there...and please knit something that you love and maybe challenge yourself with something that scares you a bit!