Thursday, September 27, 2007

Episode #20 I still don't have patience

Would you like to win a copy of Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair by Laurie Perry (a.k.a. Crazy Aunt Purl)? Maybe I will even throw in some yarn...mwah ha ha Randomly drawn winner on Oct 7th. Please e-mail your entry to me directly at sdreifuss[AT]msn[DOT]com. Please send me a comment with your favorite item you have ever knit that you REALLY wear or use. You know, something that you might even knit again. Let's here it...there are too mnay of us knitting things we aren't happy with...I would love to hear what you actually HAVE been HAPPY with.

No more humdrum mitterns swap hosted by Deb's boring life blog

One Skein Wonders contest in which you could win 12 months of one ball a month of yarn from Webs

Knitting Daily

Pincushion contest

My favorite knitted item least right now:
Pipes and Braid Bag

The Rainey Sisters blog. Check out the Silver Belle that she is feeling meh about! These are some talented sisters.

Ruby from the Uk, designed this bag:

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Episode #19 She-Knits is a good way! Also a double apology

A listener commented that she was "sad and shocked" that I said that the woman on Geek Farm was annoying. I want to clarify that I have never listed to Geek Farm and on this weeks podcast I was reading aloud other peoples comments that were in response to my quest for finding new podcasts to listen to since there seemed to be a shortage of enough knitting ones. A few people mentioned Geek Farm Life however a number of them also shared with me that they found the "woman on the show is irritating". I was reading these comments out loud not even thinking about what I was saying. I wasn't saying that I found her to be annoying, but rather that some listeners found her to be annoying. I never should of mentioned the "irritating" part. It was unnecessary, insensitive and a careless mistake. I apologize for my lack of recognition as to what I was saying and am sincerely sorry if I upset anyone in saying this. I would never intentionally say something mean-spirited about an individual on my podcast. Yes I have said that I do want to be honest in my opinion about book reviews or the scatchy yarn factor, however I would never purposely say something mean-spirited about a person . As silly as this podcast may be, I take it seriously in terms of a certain responsibility about what comes out of my mouth. There are human beings behind those podcasting voices that come out of the computer, or i-pod, and there are human beings listeing to these words. This human being/ podcaster made a mistake and I apologize.

Apology #2- and this one is about my on-doing lack of tech skills.

I thought I learned how to edit at my lesson at the Apple Store...which I kind of did, however...I recorded the episode, and then realized I wanted to add something, which of course I can do becaseu I learned how to edit....right?? WRONG! So the first time I sign off don't click off the show (...or maybe do) as it continues on woth another part that I added late, including ending again. Sorry for being confusing...and double PEACE to you this week.....and me

She-Knits purse pattern Pipes and Braids

Join the Holiday Kal-Cal or contribute a prize for free advertizzies

Two adorable hat knitting patterns. Sorry, I said her name incorrectly it is Kathryn Ivy

LLittle Snugs from Pick up Sticks

This American Life Podcast

Audio Books:
Secret Life of Bees
Life of Pi

Sharon's Yummy, and actually low-fat Corn Tortilla Soup Recipe (will be up by 9/22)

32 oz. Hunt's Tomato Sauce
1 medium onion chopped
1 T. garlic chopped
1 T. olive oil
3 cups of corn- half used initially , half used later
1 T Chili Powder
2 t. black pepper
1 t red peeper flakes
2 T. granulated sugar
1.5 cups crushed tortilla chips...I like using the baked ones for less fat don't even notice the difference...I promise

Saute Onion and garlic in olive oil until soft.
Pour tomato sauce in 2 qt. pot.
Add onion to tomatoe sauce.
Add crushed tortilla chips
Add 1.5 cups of the corn, sugar and all the spices.

Cook for 20 minutes on low-med heat...should be bubbling little bubbles on the sides

Whip out your emulsifier and GO!

Add remaining 1.5 c. of corn and cook 20 more minutes

May garnish with a little avocado, a little grated cheese, a little cilantro, and a little crushed up chips. do you like me now?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

She-Knits Podcast #18 Bag Children

The Knitting Circle - wasn't for me, but may be for you

Adrianne's blog post about friends - what makes a friend

Silja's Blog
- lovely customer that suggested a She-Knits KAL

She-Knits KAL
- would love to see and hear from some of you listener/customers there!
Sheknits for Knitters - Are you sick of me yet...consider knitting a bag!

Holiday KAL-CAL - She-Knits and Yarn Thing are back together hosting this new fun KAL-CAL which will begin Sept 22 and end Dec 31st 2007

Drunk Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair - I will announce a give away contest in which you may win a signed copy of Crazy Aunt Purls aka Laura Perry's book

Beck Knits Too contest- Becky says, "Tell me what can be done with Rowan 4-ply and win a prize. Random drawing to be held next Sunday September 16. Advertise the contest on your blog and let me know and you'll get a second entry in the drawing"

Just Another Blog is having a contest to celebrater the opening of ther shop Yarn Forest that carries handpainted yarn . They are exploring base yarns and giving out two prizes of their yarns in a random drawing. TO enter you have to tell them which socks of yours have help up best as they want to figure out which abase yarns to try for their handpainted yarn.

Yarn dog's
contest is just to leave a comment telling about your favorite knitting spot. She is remodeling her spot. Random winner picked to win yarn.

Knit on my Cat is preggers and havng a contest to see if anyone can guess the name of her baby girl. She gives hints on her blog post about it, including that it begins with a vowel. Yarn is the prize

Hankering for Yarn
is having a contest to win a one of a kind yarn art doll just by leaving a contest. You do have to pay postage for mailing

Mom's Knitting Again blog is having a yarn prized contest and entering involves leaving a comment, you get extra enteries for linkng contest to your blog, and extra for actualy knitting something for a preemie and hopefully getting some involvement in what knitting fro preemies is about

Friday, September 7, 2007

CONTEST WINNERS and Episode #17

My new shop JUST for knitters is called She Knits for Knitters

My original shop for lovers of finished bags is Sheknits.

*** added after the cast...if you are knitting any She-Knits patterns come join the very first She-Knits KAL!!!

Coming soon, another KAL - CAL hosted by Marly of Yarn Thing Podcast and Sharon of She-Knits podcast. Details coming soon!

Patterns I thought were very cool but didn't want to do because they were either going to give me bulk-itis, The Tuxedo Jacket from Twinkles Big City Knits
or bor-a-mania, The Slouchy Cardigan form Knit Cafe. Having said that I think the books are incredibly beautifully done, the pictures are inspiring and I would like to make something some day form both of them.

Congratulations to Deb - you won the contest because your number was a good way.... I will send you your requested prize from the prize list which is the kit for the Marly Bag Shorty.

I also awarded a second prize just kind of spontaneously to the 2nd number in the list from the Random Generator thing-a-ma-jig and the winner was Ruth Ann. Congrats Ruth Ann, I will send you the Marly Bag Originals kit that you picked as a prize.

Happy knitting ladies and please let me know if there are pictures to view of your finished bags.

Thanks to everyone that entered I received some interesting suggestions for bags. It seems the most popular one from my shop that people would like to see a pattern for is the Floral Bowling Bag.

Here are some bags from cyberland that others suggested they would like to see translated into a knitting pattern.

A teapot bag suggestion from Diedre

A D+G Bag suggeston from Valerie

Here is a suggestion from Debra of

Wendy is a big Menga/anime fan she suggested

Aren't people creatively minded...and varied in test.... also crazy?


Here is a contest on Its my world, join me won;t you's Blog
Suggest christmas present knitting projects by Sept 15

Brenda's knitting blog contest
Help her organize by sending her tips and tricks by Sept 15

Here is a contest on Ginger bread house blog
Leave her a comment you may win some yarn and a project bag that has slots for photos on the outside of the bag Sept 16

Sunday, September 2, 2007

She-Knits Podcast #16 They're out there.....

I am slowly moving all my purse patterns, complete purse kits, and knitting accoutrement from my Sheknits Etsy shop to my new Etsy shop which is exclusively for knitters,
Sheknits for Knitters so you knitting comrades, please buy and patterns or kits or rings from the new place. If you are looking for the finished bags to purchase remain at She-Knits. Thank you xox

AND a free chart for my lovely listeners....
Since I always sign-off saying the above, I thought I would offer you a free knitting chart of it that I clicked up for your knitting pleasure. Use it in good health...sell things with it, or just knit things with it...go for it, just give me kudos if you do.

You Knit What? great fun blog

Unbelievable ugly least most of it is. The commentary is spot on most the time...or is it mean? If anyone has a link to the newer You Knit what ...let me know, then again t might be in some of my older show notes, I will have to look.

Go visit Vintage knits blog which is actually called A Fluther of Knitting and you'll get to see even some incredibly ugly ski masks from knitting patterns out of the 60' ugly they make you laugh.

Sheknits on LimenViolets Blog

She-Knits Etsy Shop- come see my knitting patterns and complete purse kits. If you are confident with the skills noted on my patterns posted in my Etsy shop and would like to be a test/feedback knitter for me, contact me at:
sdreifuss[AT] msn[DOT] com

Would you like to see my doula website? Go here.


She-knits contest is still going until Sept. 8

Noodleknits blog is having a contest

What made you an obsessive knitter? Yarn prizes. Comments need to be in by Sept 5

Evergreens blog is having a contest- win a skein from Malibrigo- tell he how to keep entertained on a road trip- ends Sept 5

Knitting in Pinks blog
is having a contest
ends Sept.5 what day will be her 200th post and will it have her 1000 contest?

Schrodinger212's blog is having a contest, you may win these really cool sock project cubes (below). Ends Sept 4