Friday, September 7, 2007

CONTEST WINNERS and Episode #17

My new shop JUST for knitters is called She Knits for Knitters

My original shop for lovers of finished bags is Sheknits.

*** added after the cast...if you are knitting any She-Knits patterns come join the very first She-Knits KAL!!!

Coming soon, another KAL - CAL hosted by Marly of Yarn Thing Podcast and Sharon of She-Knits podcast. Details coming soon!

Patterns I thought were very cool but didn't want to do because they were either going to give me bulk-itis, The Tuxedo Jacket from Twinkles Big City Knits
or bor-a-mania, The Slouchy Cardigan form Knit Cafe. Having said that I think the books are incredibly beautifully done, the pictures are inspiring and I would like to make something some day form both of them.

Congratulations to Deb - you won the contest because your number was a good way.... I will send you your requested prize from the prize list which is the kit for the Marly Bag Shorty.

I also awarded a second prize just kind of spontaneously to the 2nd number in the list from the Random Generator thing-a-ma-jig and the winner was Ruth Ann. Congrats Ruth Ann, I will send you the Marly Bag Originals kit that you picked as a prize.

Happy knitting ladies and please let me know if there are pictures to view of your finished bags.

Thanks to everyone that entered I received some interesting suggestions for bags. It seems the most popular one from my shop that people would like to see a pattern for is the Floral Bowling Bag.

Here are some bags from cyberland that others suggested they would like to see translated into a knitting pattern.

A teapot bag suggestion from Diedre

A D+G Bag suggeston from Valerie

Here is a suggestion from Debra of

Wendy is a big Menga/anime fan she suggested

Aren't people creatively minded...and varied in test.... also crazy?


Here is a contest on Its my world, join me won;t you's Blog
Suggest christmas present knitting projects by Sept 15

Brenda's knitting blog contest
Help her organize by sending her tips and tricks by Sept 15

Here is a contest on Ginger bread house blog
Leave her a comment you may win some yarn and a project bag that has slots for photos on the outside of the bag Sept 16


Yarn Thing said...

Damn...I wanted to win, I hear that Marly bag is really cool. And the girl who it is named after...TOO DIE FOR!!! *wink, wink*


Sheknits said...


Adrienne said...

Congrats on your new gig!! I hope your class fills up!!! :-)

Alison said...

If I lived in your neighborhood, I'd run to sign up for your class! I love the podcast. I didn't enter your contest (rats) but I have a pattern suggestion. The olive red oak jug bag has the coolest pattern/colors! Or put that pattern/color combo on your custom messenger bag. Fab!

JavaNut said...

Congrats on the class and I'm sure having your bags in the shop will entice folks to sign up!

I think you should consider doing a book of patterns - yours are definitely more creative and useful/wearable than many that I see in other books. You've got variety, but yet also have a definite style.

Thanks for keeping up with podcasting!

Evelyn said...


I was listening to your podcast on the way to work on the Metro and when I heard you mention my name (about test knitting) I could not stifle my giggles (I'm such a loser!) I'm sure my fellow passengers thought I was insane as I stood there grinning to myself like a fool. . .

Good luck on the class. If I lived closer I'd sign up too! (And I have another vote for a book of bag patterns in the tradition of EZ and you could weave in stories about raising seven kids)