Sunday, September 2, 2007

She-Knits Podcast #16 They're out there.....

I am slowly moving all my purse patterns, complete purse kits, and knitting accoutrement from my Sheknits Etsy shop to my new Etsy shop which is exclusively for knitters,
Sheknits for Knitters so you knitting comrades, please buy and patterns or kits or rings from the new place. If you are looking for the finished bags to purchase remain at She-Knits. Thank you xox

AND a free chart for my lovely listeners....
Since I always sign-off saying the above, I thought I would offer you a free knitting chart of it that I clicked up for your knitting pleasure. Use it in good health...sell things with it, or just knit things with it...go for it, just give me kudos if you do.

You Knit What? great fun blog

Unbelievable ugly least most of it is. The commentary is spot on most the time...or is it mean? If anyone has a link to the newer You Knit what ...let me know, then again t might be in some of my older show notes, I will have to look.

Go visit Vintage knits blog which is actually called A Fluther of Knitting and you'll get to see even some incredibly ugly ski masks from knitting patterns out of the 60' ugly they make you laugh.

Sheknits on LimenViolets Blog

She-Knits Etsy Shop- come see my knitting patterns and complete purse kits. If you are confident with the skills noted on my patterns posted in my Etsy shop and would like to be a test/feedback knitter for me, contact me at:
sdreifuss[AT] msn[DOT] com

Would you like to see my doula website? Go here.


She-knits contest is still going until Sept. 8

Noodleknits blog is having a contest

What made you an obsessive knitter? Yarn prizes. Comments need to be in by Sept 5

Evergreens blog is having a contest- win a skein from Malibrigo- tell he how to keep entertained on a road trip- ends Sept 5

Knitting in Pinks blog
is having a contest
ends Sept.5 what day will be her 200th post and will it have her 1000 contest?

Schrodinger212's blog is having a contest, you may win these really cool sock project cubes (below). Ends Sept 4


Johnna said...

You mentioned trying to find another you knit what type website/blog I found Stitchy Mcyarnpants it isn't exactly a you knit what site, but it's full of strange and odd patterns from the past. Some of the things from the past are really scary, I must be a youngin because I really can't imagine people dressing that way!

Adrienne said...

Just watned to let you know that I really enjoy your podcast!!! Keep up the great work!