Sunday, February 27, 2011

#106 She-Knits is definitely NOT feeling it.

Where's my husband, oh, he is not downstairs in his office, he is out of the country....and that is long as it is temporary.

Where's my mojo......I want it back. I guess that is what two rejections in one week will do to a designer gal. Listen to hear the yucky details.

Are you listening to any audio books you are loving? PLEASE let me know, I cant even find a book I like as of late.

Are you loving what you are knitting?

She-Knits Mystery 7, Cynthia is going well! I hope you are part of the fun!

Friday, February 4, 2011

#105 She-Knits asks what's new?

What are you knitting right now? Take a look at it...what drew you to it?
Was it the shape was more modern?
Was it just that the yarn had this pattern with it?
Did you like the particular stitch pattern?
Is it because its a sock...and if its a new sock you are definitely going to knit it.
Really think about it...what drew you to it. I would love to hear
Have you signed up for She-Knits Mystery #7, Cynthia?
Were you 'blizzarded"?
Stay safe and warm~~