Saturday, August 25, 2007

Episode #15 School Begins

My newest pattern and kit for sale is the lovely Cables and Creams on Browns modeled by my now absent sniff...sniff 2nd born.

Thank you Michelle for gifting me with Family Tree by Barbara Delinskky and A deadly yarn by Maggie Sefton. You gifted me as a thank you for podcasting, and opened my eyesto trust a beautiful random act of kindness.I definitely will pass them along to someone else in the same spirit!

Thank you Leslie from for a beautiful skein of yarn and and IK mag! Wheee that was the first contest I have ever won.


For She-Knits contest please check here

Molecular Knittings contest will be posted August @7th

U-hanbags contest is for your choice of one otwo UK mags.

Archivist on the edge's contest may win you some Wollmeise yarn

Knitting haweye's contest asks you to troll for attractive hawkeye Football Players to win some yarn

Saturday, August 18, 2007

#14 What is it?

Interweave Knits I am still considering that Tilted Duster but highly concerned about my chronic disappointment with the knitted garments I make. Maybe sticking with the purses is a bettter bet since I am rarely disappointed with them!

Rebecca Magazine has an on-line mag. Has anyone knit from this

Crazy Aunt Purls's Book....its a funny and touching and genuine story.

Audio books recently listened to and various degrees

Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs....I think this is slated to be a movie
Meditations for Women that Knit TOO Much
Cast Off...well I think you know who wrote this and the Meditations book these two books are written by, or were you my neighbor under that rock in which I was living?
Size 14 is not Fat by Meg Cabot
Freakonomics....this is authored by an economist and not at all what you might think
Blink.....LOVE this, it is fascinating to realize how much we do or do not utilize our so called instant intuition


Golden Purl's is having a contest about important dates with some great yarney prizes.

I am holding my first official contest because....I LOVE KNITTING CONTESTS...and I LOVE MY LOVELY LISTENER'S AND BLOG READER'S. I have already had a number of people enter and some of done it properly and many have contacted me through Ravelry or Etsy (which is not the way to enter) I have to ask that you follow the routine below to properly enter. I can not accept enteries unless you E-MAIL ME DIRECTLY with your answers and prize choices. I am not e-scolding you ,just have to kindly ask for some rule following....please!

She-Knits Contest:

1. Comment on this blog entry "I'm in" or something of that nature so I have a link back to your blog.( I have 3 blogs right now that people can enter from so please don't think you automatically won if you don't see comments posted on the particular blog you entered from) If you are blogless you can still play just go on to step 2.

2. Send me an e-mail at sdreifuss(AT)msn(DOT)com with an answer to EITHER A), B), or C).

A) A link to a purse in my Etsy shop that is not written up as a pattern that you think should be written up as such
B) Send me a link to a purse you have seen in cyber space that you love the shape of and think it would be cool interpreted as a knit and felted bag
C) Tell me the name of a Magazine or publication and the page number that has a purse that you love the shape of and think it would be cool interpreted as a knit and felted bag

ALSO BE SURE TO INCLUDE in that e-mail which one of the prizes (listed below) you would like.

I will award one randomly picked winner their choice of ONE of the listed prizes. If in the future I use someones purse suggestion and write a pattern that was inspired by that suggestion I will send the inspiration provider a surprise goody.


Choose either one of the purse making kits listed below
- OR -
2 skeins of Lambs Pride Bulky (your choice of color) (remember to put what prize you would like in your e-mail to me)

A She-Knits Complete Knit and Felted Purse making kit of your choice for one of the following:
A) Marly Bag Original
B) Marly Bag in Darks
C) Marly Bag Shorty
D) Sunflower Bag
E) 5 Petals Bag


3 Skeins of Lambs Pride Bulky for you to make your bag ...or whatever. You need to tell me the two colors you would like and i will do my best to come close. I have loads of colors.

Are we clear? Basically- comment here that you "ARE IN", tell me a purse from my shop or that you have seen that you believe would make a great knit and felted bag pattern and pick your prize. Oh, one more thing if you mention on your blog that there is a fun contest and put this link to it I will enter your name an additional time (be sure to send me the link to the shout out on your blog in the e-mail you sent me.

CONTEST RUNS UNTIL SEPTEMBER 8th Midnight (here in Chicago)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

#12 not 14 - Really the Cure

Opehlia is an awesome sleeveless cardigan pattern and the designer, Elizabeth Klett offers the pattern for free on her blog A Mingled Yarn

Marly of the great Yarn Thing podcast's Pucker Purse
Marly and Jill's site The Purse Workshop

Caffeinated Knitter blog is having a contest. You need to answer some questions to enter and then if your name put everyone’s name in hat and have N draw 4 names. 2 people will win something from her about to open etsy shop, and 2 will win 2 big balls (app. 12 oz.) of llama roving for spinning. Contest closes August 20th.

Yogurt and Granola blog is having a blogiversary contest to win some gorgeous Knit Picks shimmer lace weight yarn and Stoneyfield Farms Yogurt Cookbook . You have to answer some questions to enter and the contest closes August 30

After reading more, i realized Knit Picks Essentials sale yarn is not really a sale in terms of a reduced price, $3.29 is the regular price for Essentials (is that a good priced??) it is that these colors are only here until their gone which makes them some of you

If you have a knitting blog and are going to run a contest and would like me to mention it please e-mail me at sdreifuss(AT)msn(DOT)com

Sunday, August 5, 2007

#11 The Cure

No, I did not talk about the title of the this podcast. I was going to launch into a whole thing about "The Cure" and believe I started to allude to it, but in the end I digressed.....what a sup rise...NOT. So... next time.

EXCHANGES that are still OPEN for registration
This is a great place for information about creating swaps and finding ones you'd be interested in participating in.

Fall Felted Bag Exchange Registration opens 8/15 and closes 8/27

Knit One Tea Too
Sign-ups began 8/3 - I am not sure when they end

Stitch Marker Exchange
as of 8/4 there was one more spot open

CONTESTS ends August 23 Exchange still OPEN for Fall sign-ups CONTEST ends August 14 caption contest ends August 14 leave a comment regarding a book you have enjoyed contest ends August 30th

ONE MORE CONTEST- wasn't mentioned on the show as it was brought to my attention after the show had been posted
You could win Eliz. Zimmermans Almanac and some other free stuff just by leaving a comment by August 9th On Ignore me ist's easier's blog

EVEN ONE MORE- just found this Hurry its a good one especially if you are a sock knitter ends this Friday.

Feel free to let me know about exchanges and contests and I would be happy to mention the. Also if you are inclined to leave me a lovely comment I would love to hear about your experiences in swaps and exchanges.