Wednesday, January 28, 2009

#69 Post TNNA

TNNA was so wonderful! I felt like an old timer, I mean after all this was my 2nd whole time going!

I am percolating with designs that I am submitting to many different publications...I hope I hope I hope they like them.

Have you seen my newest design in Knitscene? It is called the Ariadne Scarf. I didn't name it and have to be honest and tell you when they busted the not yet out on the stands magazine in the Interweave booth at TNNA where I saw it in print it for the first time and saw the name for the first time. I thought the scarfed looked purdy in the magazine, but the name was bizarre. I asked someone in the booth if they knew what it meant and they didn't. When I got home I e-mailed the editor and asked her what the deal was (in a kinder way then that of course) and when she explained what it meant it completely turned a weird name in to a wonderful one. Here is what Lisa Shroyer said:

The title is Ariadne Scarf. Ariadne, a heroine in Greek myth, used a piece of string unrolled behind her to find her way into and then back out of a labyrinth. The undulating lines on the scarf, plus the mythical/whimsical nature of the story, reminded me of this myth. There you go!

After reading this e-mail I felt both inspired and like a bleeding idiot as I had never ever ever even heard of this myth. Please tell me I am not the only one. Now that I have heard of it, it makes me want to study the Greek myths more....maybe there will be some inspiration there! I do have one other design that is a messenger bag that was named by one of my good cyber friends Lorri...she suggested calling it the Mercury Bag as Mercury was the messenger! You can buy the Ariadne Scarf Kit to make the one shown in my SheknitsforKnitters Shop...or you could do some serious stash diving. I will be putting up additional kits that are different price points in different color ways that don't have hand painted yarns but rather subtly shaded (beautiful) yarns soon

Saturday, January 10, 2009

#68 On and on

In this episode it is mostly just chatty. We still haven't figured out if we are moving or staying...we are going to be putting the house on the market in a couple weeks...sigh... A few high points (really hihg) this week, I had a design accepted for Yarn Forward and a design accepted for Interweave Fall '09. I never believe this stuff for 100% until I see a contract...I am so excited.

Check out Shannon Oakey's new design, a cardigan with gorgeous detail in the back called

I am almost done designing a lace scarf that I am loving but boy does it feel endlessssssss...but also nice and meditatively a good way!

Do you love lace....or?