Thursday, March 26, 2009

#71 Suprise, surprise, surprise...for ME!

What can I say...THANK YOU SO MUCH.
I am touched beyond words.
I feel loved....ridiculously so.
I am grateful for the generosity of spirit of each and every one of you and especially to Jill....who is simply an angel.

Not only is this beautiful, it is soft and scrumptious and I can truly feel the energy and good intention within it. I feel like I should send it around to each of you to have for a month just to see it and feel it...but guess what....I ain't lettin' it go for a second!

Now that I have read the notes, I know that Fiddlelee made the Tree of Life, and interesting point she made is that it has 9 points or leaves and that represents the 9 members of my family! Thank you Erica.

Fibbergeek made the fish, and I was right I said in the podcast
it was for "just keep swimming".....thank you Liz.

LJWT created the fun textured green square tickles and sproings so nicely. Thank you Lorri.

My inclination that the Japanese
character was from Camarra was right. I then doubted it (and thought perhaps it was Shrinkyknitter) because of her being so far away....thanks so much Kathleen. It's the one in mauve below, sorry you can't see it better. She said it means "Tomo" which means a friend.

Jill created my SHe-Knits logo with intarsia- I thought it was done on a machine because it is so perfect. There are so many more, I wrote more about it on Ravelry in the She-Knits Podcast group in the thread entitled The Afghan- I JUST LOVE THIS AFGHAN, it is truly one of the most meaningful gifts I have ever (and probably will ever) received. A huge thank you to Jill for organizing, Lorrit and Jill for assembling and every single one of the square makers. I am memorizing the key and will soon know by heart who made which square!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

#70 A Whiter Shade of Pale

She-Knits podcast is at a new feed -

Click on the link on the side bar of my blog to hear this podcast or go to i-Tunes and click on advanced at the top of the screen and type in and the new show will download and I think you will be re-subscribing to the new host if you want to get automatic downloads. Please give me a new review once you see me officially posted in i-Tunes.

It is that time of year here in the Midwest in which one can't become more pale then they now are! Just at this time is when we FINALLY start hearing the birdies chirping!! Yay for chirping birdies!