Monday, February 9, 2009

#69 - A perfect party for a 7 yr. old and what is a ply anyway?

I realize, after being sent the yarn I am to use for my design that has been accepted in IK Fall '09 (pause for loud stadium style hooting and hollering of happiness), that I do not know a whole heck of a lot about the medium I use. When I am experimenting with designs and grabbing yarns I go for color first and don't think about whether something is 4 -ply or 10-ply, a single or multi-ply. I just grab what is around me and learn as I go.

When I was trying to describe to the magazine editor (Eunny herself) the kind of yarn I used for a particular part of the design and was wondering via e-mail whether the yarn she had sent would respond the same way as the yarn I submitted in I was embarrassed to find that I couldn't describe the yarn any better then when trying to describe to the car mechanic about the doo-hickey that was making the bang bang noise while making a right turn.....if you catch my drift...I felt like a real moron and am not sue where to turn. For now I have picked up my Knitters Book of Yarn to look for some initial answers. Do you know the ply and twist of the yarn you are using...could you describe it accurately. Well, then again you probably don't necessarily need to, do I?

I had one of the best birthday parties I have ever had for one of my kids. It was so low key and manageable and fun for all. I highly recommend you keep the amount of guests manageable, enlist the help of older kids, gets loads of inexpensive wrapped candies and "shtuff" from the $1.00 bins at Target....write up some clues that will run kids upstairs downstairs and all around (without shoes of course) and finally end up in the kitchen for cake and to let them blow those party horns until their hearts content, or until the 16 year old (in this case) older sister turns to the group and kindly asks them to stop...and they don't...and then she tells them" If one more of you blows your horn even just one more time, I will take it from you" Did they listen you ask? All but the birthday boy...which she then announced was acceptable as he was the birthday boy.