Wednesday, May 4, 2011

#109 She-Knits adjusts.

Do you have a young adult child living farrrrr away from you? Did it take you a while to you ever adjust?

Do you take knitting classes at your LYS? If so , what inspires you to take a it a project based class or a technique class...or is it an ongoing weekly skill building class? What have been your positive class experiences, or what has been a bad experience and what would have made it better?

The Royal wedding cost $15,000,000...the Presidential Inaguration was $117,000,000. Is it me or is that ridunkculous?

Next to Normal
is the fantastic musical I recently attended.

Barbara Taylor Bradford's book, Playing the Game narrated by the fabulous Catherine Harvey (have you ever heard her?)

Are you going to join me for She-Knits Mystery 8?

ChiaoGoo circular lace redline needles are AWESOME!

Peace....knit what you love!!!!