Monday, July 26, 2010

#99 She-Knits Small Talk Podcast - If everyone goes bankrupt do we then just start over?

Title Talk and Feedback
Brunch at the Ritz Carlton......very upscale.....sort of silly.
Thank you to those of you that gave me both private and public comments, they make me feel motivated and touched...and are educational too!

The secret is out, my husband and I don't sleep together.

Kimmy and Samantha bag patterns are currently being written
Millie Shawl, a fancy schmany dress up lace shawl in Symphony by Tilli Tomas is on the needles
Willow has been knit and written

New and Nice
Whip out your life savings or maybe your big needles and your lambskin yarn.....
Prada Knit Clutches
Prada Knit Tote

Now whip out your small needles and hooks and your gold chain yarn
Arielle De Pinto crochet and knit jewelry
20o8 -
2009 -
2010 irreverent Look Book

Stoke of Insight by Jill Bolte taylor
Wonderful wonderful book.

Something will be wrong at my check up.

Nobody will be interested in what I am offering and therefore I won't be teaching at my LYS

Gratitude and Good Thoughts
I am so grateful that I have both my parents, Mom is 79 and Dad is 81 and they are both in basically great health.....(now the fear pops up that I am jinxing something by saying that)

Good thoughts go out to all you medical and health professionals that take the attitude of compassionate care. You probably deal with all sorts of people and you yourself are only human as well....I know it is hared to deal with humans all day however when i am in there and nervous, your attitude during your care of me makes all the difference in the world between making my experience a decent one or terrible one.

CONTEST - Since next podcast will be my 100th episode- lets celebrate! How do "we" celebrate? Well, by me showing you my gratitude that you listen by giving away some stuff? What stuff, you ask? I would like to give away two prizes meaning there will be two winners-
1. a free kit with pattern for the next She-Knits Mystery KAL 5 -
2. Inspired to Knit by Michelle Rose Orne

How do you enter?
Post an answer in here to the following questions
1. What is your current favorite book.
2. Tell me something you are proud of yourself about.
3. Would you rather win the kit and pattern or the book.

I will announce the winner in the 100the episode.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

#98 She-Knits questions the learning curve.

I know...I know...another apology at the beginning of the blog post...not such a god thing...the first #98 She-Knits podcast is messed up and starts with episode #97. So, I re-did the beginning and put the proper episode up however don't know how to get rid of the evil bad #98 with the #97 beginning ....woe is me. Seriously...WOE is me.

Title Talk and Feedback

Marnie Maclean's about using with Excel to make simple lace charts.
Marnie's patterns.

The annual trek via a 6 hour car ride to the kids overnight camp in Rhinelander Wisconsin is a' happening this Sunday...yayyyy...6 hours of knitting and listening to books on my 12 hours...we return Monday. Who ever whoda thunk sitting in the car for 12 hours could be Sharon's 4 star rated vacay?

Twist Collective;s response to my submission and Interweave's letter to me about my e-book inclusion.
Tilli Tomas's Symphony yarn.

New and Nice
Reflective string or rope and knit one of THESE

Psycho with the SF Orchestra

Tsurubride Orwell about carrying a gold metallic elephant clutch or red metallic Scottish terrier?

Anna Quinlen Every Last One of Them

I am afraid one of my kids will be seriously taken advantage of.....can you teach a child to be less naieve and literal?

Gratitude and Good Thoughts are amazingly generous and so smart.

Thank you my 4 blog post comment posters extraordinare


Thursday, July 8, 2010

#97 She-Knits is always hungry

I am so sorry about the gaps of silence in between segments of the podcast...there is actually music there however I didn't realize I needed to be recording on a different track for the music to come through.

Title talk

Are you always hungry? Do you think about food a lot? I do...I feel like I am constantly hungry or thinking about food unless I actively push myself to stop.

What am I doing in my knitting world?
Knitscene has accepted a design of mine for Spring 2011...yay!! I am pattern writing....a lot. What do you think of the new Knitty?

Should it be fun for my 8 year old to come with me to the store while I pick out things for his sisters without him being allowed to pick something out for himself?

New and Nice - supports HIV postitve women in Rowanda buy selling hand crocheted and beaded (hand blown glass beads) rings and bracelets created by these woman. - take a look at this adorable raffia hat.... - How about renting your own blueberry bush. Love this

I don't want all my kids to grow up and move out...well sometimes I do....however mostly I think it will be sad and lonely. If you have gotten through this or have the same fear I would love to hear from you.

Gratitude and good thoughts
What would I do without my test knitters?