Saturday, July 17, 2010

#98 She-Knits questions the learning curve.

I know...I know...another apology at the beginning of the blog post...not such a god thing...the first #98 She-Knits podcast is messed up and starts with episode #97. So, I re-did the beginning and put the proper episode up however don't know how to get rid of the evil bad #98 with the #97 beginning ....woe is me. Seriously...WOE is me.

Title Talk and Feedback

Marnie Maclean's about using with Excel to make simple lace charts.
Marnie's patterns.

The annual trek via a 6 hour car ride to the kids overnight camp in Rhinelander Wisconsin is a' happening this Sunday...yayyyy...6 hours of knitting and listening to books on my 12 hours...we return Monday. Who ever whoda thunk sitting in the car for 12 hours could be Sharon's 4 star rated vacay?

Twist Collective;s response to my submission and Interweave's letter to me about my e-book inclusion.
Tilli Tomas's Symphony yarn.

New and Nice
Reflective string or rope and knit one of THESE

Psycho with the SF Orchestra

Tsurubride Orwell about carrying a gold metallic elephant clutch or red metallic Scottish terrier?

Anna Quinlen Every Last One of Them

I am afraid one of my kids will be seriously taken advantage of.....can you teach a child to be less naieve and literal?

Gratitude and Good Thoughts are amazingly generous and so smart.

Thank you my 4 blog post comment posters extraordinare



Shawn said...

Love listening to you. I was laughing in agreement as you talked about being in the car with your knitting and Ipod. That is so true! I read the Anna Quindlan book and love her and her writing but the story was just too sad this time.

Jean said...

There is other software out there for knitting design that is better than Excel. A couple that come to mind are Intwined:

and Knit Visualizer

Jami aka jmailj said...

Don't fret. We're out here listening... just too lazy to comment. ;) Or too busy eating, because we're always hungry too. :)

Carol in NJ said...

Sharon, I enjoy listening to your podcasts. I've stop listening to many knit related podcasts, however, I am still excited when I see a new show from you.

One thing, in between segments, there is a long pause and times, I think my IPod had shut off.

Please continue to podcast there are people listening to you.

P.S. I am one of "those" who have a hard time eating in the summer because it is too darn hot! Outside of that, I am hungry all the time too.

Dawne said...

I love listening to you Sharon ... I think yours was the very first podcast I ever listened to way back when you first started and I haven't missed one. Jean beat me to it in the comments but I was also going to mention Intwined for charts - so much better than Excel (blah!) Hope your trip to visit your camp kids was uneventful this year :)

Dawne said...

Love listening to you Sharon - have been since day 1 :) hope you visit to your camp kids was uneventful this year! Jean is right ... Intwined is sooo much better for chart making than excel. Yes, I am always hungry - try to chew gum instead. Yes, I fear for 1 of my kids - he is 18 but so young and naiive at heart.

o_O said...

I am also an avid listener of your podcast, love it. I love hearing all the family stuff too :-D I don't always post commments, and I do lurk in the Ravelry group. Thanks for everything, and keep up the great work!

Jean said...

Re: Another design software option. Here's a link to a Wendy Knits blog post about using Word to make charts for designing.

You'd have to download these knitting chart fonts to use with it (you could do a search on her blog for "font" and get some more info about it):

I still think Intwined is your best bet and it doesn't cost very much. :-)

Deb and Robin said...

Hi Sharon,
I LOVE your podcast and look forward to it so much! I apologize for not commenting but I've been crazy busy and am trying to find the time to Start (!) the mystery KAL. I go to my knitting group tonight and I hope to start it tonight.
I just put the Anna Quindlan book on reserve at my library. I have always liked her writing.
Take care,

Shirley said...

I'm one of those who listens (and have listened to all of your episodes) but don't comment. Usually by the end of the podcast I've forgotten what I wanted to comment about and now I've taken a notebook and I wrote notes. I'm curious myself how long this notetaking will last.

I prefer written instructions over a chart though a chart always looks so much simpler. Yesterday I came up with an idea and tried charting it. It was only knits and purls but I was trying to see how they would fit together. I couldn't see in the chart what I could see in my head even though there was nothing wrong with the chart! I guess some people are chart people and some aren't.

The idea of listening to a symphony orchestra alongside a movie sounds really interesting. I wonder if they will ever do that here.

It must have felt good when you heard from Interweave that your pattern was one of their top sellers. Congratulations.

Cynthia said...

NEVER feel like you need to apologize for human foibles. It isn't necessary. We are just lucky to have you to listen to - such a generous offering on your part! Thanks for sharing. Too scared to try a mystery KAL, though. What if it is too hard for me?