Wednesday, June 25, 2008

#55 Still trying to figure it all out

How do I make this work...should I call yarn shops...should I e-mail them....send a brochure...what someone tell me what to do. I sold bunches of patterns at TNNA and am now scattered across the US!!! Thing is, I realized in the end I sold to only 14 shops. I couldn't get to people fast enough and once the Brown Sheep trunk show of my bags booked up until August 09 that was both wonderful and awful.

So, now I am offering a trunk show directly from me! I think i will e-mail people a brochure....or snail mail. Hmmmmm.

There's a new girl in town and her name is PHOEBE- she is a medium sized bag created with bulky weight yarn single strand, most of bag is worked in the round, exterior pocket has an intarsia flower...don't be skird, try it...the pocket is added at the end and it very achievable in that it is 32 rows of 30 stitches...feeling inspired? Go to my on-line shop for more details on the pattern or complete kit.

Phoebe (4)
Low Intermediate
Height: 13 inches
Width: 13.25 inches at widest point

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

#54 Interview with Interweave Knits Katie Himmelberg

I just posted the interview with Katie Himmelberg. We talk about pregnancy, picking suitable yarns for projects and what drives fashion trends. She was so kind to give me some of her time, however I am not sure if I didn't talk more then she did and that is not good in an interview. I think she may be a little on the shy side...or maybe exhausted....which is so understandable. I sense that Eunny, Lisa and Katie work really really hard...and that putting out magazines is an exciting and exhausting career.

I need to figure out how to get my ame out there to LYS's across the country. Even though I had good success at TNNA, bottom line was that I probably only pitched to about 25 people and I sold to 14 was really easy to sell patterns once people realized there was this great trunk show they could also get. But once that booked out through August of 09', it made it harder to sell.

So, now I have decided to offer a trunk show of my own that can be booked through me. Good idea huh? Samples sell patterns AND YARN. How man times have you walked into your LYS and seen a finished item and though I really want to knit that (or not). Trunk shows rock. Contact me if you want to give your LYS a flyer, you might wina free pattern from me if they actually order!

I can't wait for Interweave Knits Fall comes out. Of course I hope that those are inspired to knit my sweet little wristlet do so, however I think I truly truly might have to knit a cardigan i saw in there...I take that back, I think a more realistic thing for me would be one of the awesome vests....wait until you see the two really awesome vests...I feel inspired.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

#53 T freakinNNA

Hi! Still here at more 1/2 day to go. I just am putting up a podcast to tell you all about it. Classic moment happened on my way back to the hotel. I was walking the 8 city block walk from one Hyatt to the other Hyatt and am crossing the street holdling the two books I scored for free today, More Big Girl Knits and Sweater Renewal...and the streets are just empty except for random groups of women here and there...I am cradling the books and my cell phone is pressed to my ear and I am chatting with my husband....and two women are walking by me going the other way and one of them has a big smile on her face and is looking at me and says 'thats our book!' in a split second I realized the two women were Jillian Moreno and Amy Singer, so I flashed the front cover of the book (it had been facing in) and gave her a big smile...the front cover has her on it..and I kept walking and talking to my husband.

Can you imagine how I wanted to turn around and walk with them and whisper in Amy's ear how I hope she will pick my submission for the Fall Knitty and that she rejected the cutest Martini Bag and that it was funny because just after that Interweave decided to publish TWO (not one but TWO) of my designs....but I kept walking and talking to my husband cause you know what...we are all working or relaxing after working and it just wouldn't of been appropriate...and I get it and I am part of it yet not.