Thursday, September 18, 2008

#62 Satisfaction with your knitting/life.

do you find if you are satisfied with whatever your are currently knitting you also happen to be satisfied with your life at that moment? DO you think it's coincidence? What about the opposite, whenthings aren't going well with your knitting are they also somehow not going well with your life? I m certain there is a full range of answers here however I do know that more times then not one runs along the same with the other
knitting going going well
knitting frustrating or frustrating or blah.

How about you?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

#61 The things we do wrong, the things we do right

Is it just personality type that makes some of seem to focus more on the things we do right or the things we do wrong? I have the unfortunate tendency to focus too much on the things I do wrong instead of all the goo things I actually do. I have to work hard to feel good about the good...I keep working on it though.

So now apres' le Dumpling comes my second out of three designs that is now published...
Big Lace Scarves in Interweave Felts '08

Inteweave Felts 09 Big Lace (7)

This is one of those things in which you actually would appreciate it more if you had it around your neck and felt its dreamy light softness with warmth at the same time.

I am very interested in submitting for Fall and Winter publications as they come up...I am bubbling over with ideas...which is another one of those great feelings.