Monday, April 16, 2012

She-Knits #116 April 2012

Well, I missed writing any notes on last months podcast. But- here I am with April's!

She-Knits Mystery #11 Lovely Rita begins April 18th

Simple pattern that is well selling Piper's Journey

Read or rather listened to "The Rest of Her Life" by Laura Moriarty, I liked it - I checked it out on the internet from my library...the greatest thing ever!!

Am currently listening to We need to Talk about Kevin by Lionel Rosenblat - not sure I like it yet

Ok, so I asked, have you ever gone to your knitting guild or a Fiber Festival and heard asomeone speak? Particularly a designer? Who...or is it whom did you hear speak and why did you like the talk...orn ot. Maybe it would be best to only answer positively in here and if you want to tell me about a talk you didn't like private message me in Ravelry ..I'm sheknits.

The newsletter will go out in the next few days announcing the early bird special for She-Knits Mystery #11, Maya - a lace and slip stitch small shawl...more like awesome scarf with cool beading.