Tuesday, January 29, 2008

#39 Just Sheknits

Last week was my 5 year olds kindergarten performance, it was so bittersweet.

What are you knitting? I am knitting 4 bags for customers. Marly, 2 Melly's, and A Dream Floral.

I am still working on Wicked and getting more and more excited about doing the Lala Scarf.

Congratulations to jaka13 for finishing her first garment ..hello Wicked. How'd you do it so quickly??

If you want to be part of our Sheknits Circle come say hello in Raverly either in the daily small talk, or Whatchaknitting Saturday. IF you are not in Ravelry say hi here or e-mail me sdreifuss[At}msn[DOT]com

Sheknits first ever Secret Swap closes Jan 30th- contact me same as above if you want to particpate and are truly going to do it right!

I am going to send a Yarn Harlot book and/or a sock pattern book to pattyb who is in our knitting circle. Her husband passed unexpectedly from a massive heart attack a few days ago. FlashyGranny on Ravelry is sending her Cat Bordhi's sock book we are going to say both books are from the Sheknits knitting circle.. Both these items are on pattyb's swap list and she contactedme to say she needed to drop out of the swap...I couldn't just let it end there....if you want to send condolences you can contact her on Ravelry.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

#38 Chugga chugga....choo chooooo

Things are just chugging along...one week into the next.

Messenger bag is almost done and I AM going to submit it.!!!!! As well as the either really cool or really weird and ugly scarf.

Next I will be writing the pattern for a shoulder bag I currently call Colors Gone Wild Bag.

Come to the circle, say hello either on Small Talk threads which are almost daily, or once a week at Whatchaknitting Saturday.

She-Knits first Secret Swap is open until Jan 30th for those in the She-Knits Circle.

Wicked ...so far....

Wicked more

Am still trying to decide on the Lace in Feb. Kal...which will now be called Try Lace in Feb...its between Beaded Scarf II
or Liesel.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

#37 Tortured

1. Are you tortured right now with your knitting, or maybe just blah?.
I am tortured, though I think it's greatly due to this &#%@ submission thing which for me is a necessary evil. This should be the biggest torture of my life thank you very much....not much to be tortured about is it?

2. If you are generally satisfied with your knitting are generally satisfied with life...kind of an even keel type person?

3. If you go through highs and lows with your knitting is that also your personality outside of knitting?

4. Is knitting just knitting to you..fun when you do it, however youd don't necessarily miss it when you aren't doing it?

5. Or, do you looooove knitting and are always wondering what the next pattern and new yarns are that you are going to find?

6.Do you think about knitting A LOT when you are not knitting?

Join the Sheknits Podcast Knitting Circle First EVER Secret Pal Swap…can we trust you …I have a magic mirror…I can seeeee you….oh and by the time this is organized I imagine the actual swap will take place in about 4-5 weeks give or take, so think towards the middle/ end of Feb. unless we decide differently

I have never done a secret swap as I am so cynical and non-trusting…well maybe not the cynical part, but I swear I would be even more tortured then I already am if my swap partner didn’t follow through. Don’t do this unless you will follow through and are willing to be communicative and timely…no slackers please…bad karma

1.If you want in, PM me with ALL the following info which I need to secretly match you up. I am not asking people to post theri info on their personal blog, just post to me and I will match you up. PLEASE TITLE YOUR PM “SWAP”:**

A) Pick ONE of these amounts that you are willing to spend on your goodies, and remember that is what you will be matched with- range of $15-$20-ish OR $25 -$30ish OR $35-$45ish .

B) Are you willing to ship internationally …and remember if you say yes to internationally, consider what amount you are still willing to spend JUST on the goodies. Also please tell me specifically if you would LIKE to be matched up with someone international

C) Any allergies? Do you smoke?

D) Favorite treat salty or sweet…state some specifics if you’d like too

E) Fav. knitting magazine or book you currently don’t own (remember swap will be taking place in about 4-5 weeks

F) Any particular yarn,needle, pattern, kit, or tool you are hoping for (remember your price range)

G) Favorite scent?

H) Regarding a small-ish hand made gift, knit, crochet or other!. DO you want to make one, do you want one? Either way is fine just asking.

I) Anything I missed here…suggestions please

Send the answers to me in a PM here please.

2. I am looking for one other volunteer helper. Please let me know in your PM if you would like to help me with this..especially if you have swap experience or are just a good organizoer and have the time to help without feeling hassled.

I am so excited. Even if there are only 5 of us we can make it work. Hopefully there will be more. The nice thing is a bunch of us are familiar with each other. If you are new to the knitting circle or have been a lurker and this swap brings you out of your lurkdom, so be it…however, you better get into the She-Knits Podcast group and at a minimum introduce yourself in the “Intro. (or re-intro) yourself” thread.

What about those of you not on Raverly, you can e-mail me at sdreifuss(AT)msn(dot)com

Thursday, January 10, 2008

#35 Teaching

LOVE IT! I feel so incredibly lucky to be part of someones learning to knit experience and to get to be the one that gives them some of the little keys to the kingdom...well ...its just awesome.

Ninaclock145's Mrs Beetons

WesrtKnits felted clogs with needle felted college logos

Javanuts Syncopation Bag

Join the Wicked Kal in She-Knits Podcast group on Raverly

How about the Lace in Feb Kal?

Slip Stitch patterning versus stranded or fair isle knitting

Come say hello on Whatchaknitting Saturday 1/13 by either e-mailing me and letting me know what your are knitting this Saturday at sdreifuss[AT]msn[DOT]com
- or-
if you are on Ravelry go to groups and type in She-Knits and you'll figure it out from there

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Holiday Kal Cal Special Episode....and the winner's are....

WARNING- Listening to this Holiday Kal Cal Special Episode may make you:

A) Very happy!!!!!
B) A little sad :0(
C) Bored out of your skull

Depending on -

A) If you won a prize on the Holiday Kal Cal
B) If you did not win a prize
C) if you did not even participate in the Holiday Kal Cal

THis is over an hour of Marly of Yarn Thing and I first naming off the entries for the 6 possible grand prize winners but mostly is naming the randomly drawn winners of all the wonderful generous swag! Of course there is the occasional digression.

GO to the Holdiday Kal Cal blog to see the 6 entries for the grand prize and please vote for one winner (and only vote once). Also all the randomly drawn winners and the swag they have won is listed there as well!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

#34 Fresh - She-Knits Podcast

Start 08' freshy fresh! Rip those things that have been sitting untouched (and unloved) on your needles. If you didin't like the yarn after you saw it knit-up then give it away or swap it...if you weren't liking the pattern as you knit it...RIP IT .....you will feel FREE and FRESH

I finished pair #2 of Fiber Trends Clogs...who is this genius Bev Galeskas...I must find out her story of creating this pattern.

Clogs #2 (2)

I am in the mood to do lace ...I wonder if it gets boring. Possibly Juno from Knitty?

What do you lace knitters/blockers suggest as good purchases to make blocking garments and/or lace easier...there is talk of some kind of wires.....whatother equipment is good.

I am working on a messenger bag pattern which will be for sale soon.

I am NOT submitting to Knitty for this Spring..YAY for decisions which will leave me less thinly spread!!!

I am so in the mood to learn which are the faorite garments done in the round, either top down or bottom up and going to begin that journey by knitting and hopefully completing Wicked. If you want to join the Wicked Anticipation KAL go to She0Knits Podcast group in the Ravelry forums and if you are not on Ravelry and want to knit Wicked with me then e-mail me and I will keep you in the loop.

Have you taken your passion and made it into a business and been happy or un-happy with that venture? I would love to hear about it.

I will be doing a Whatchaknitting Saturday this Saturday January 5.

She-Knits purse patterns and purse kits can be found at Sheknitsforknitters.com
My name on Ravelry is Sheknits
My e-mail is sdreifuss[AT]msn[DOT]com