Wednesday, January 23, 2008

#38 Chugga chugga....choo chooooo

Things are just chugging week into the next.

Messenger bag is almost done and I AM going to submit it.!!!!! As well as the either really cool or really weird and ugly scarf.

Next I will be writing the pattern for a shoulder bag I currently call Colors Gone Wild Bag.

Come to the circle, say hello either on Small Talk threads which are almost daily, or once a week at Whatchaknitting Saturday.

She-Knits first Secret Swap is open until Jan 30th for those in the She-Knits Circle.

Wicked far....

Wicked more

Am still trying to decide on the Lace in Feb. Kal...which will now be called Try Lace in Feb...its between Beaded Scarf II
or Liesel.


Emily said...

Sharon - the Wicked looks good! Keep going. :)

Michelle said...

OHH Sharon I love the new bag!!!

Wicked looks good!