Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Holiday Kal Cal Special Episode....and the winner's are....

WARNING- Listening to this Holiday Kal Cal Special Episode may make you:

A) Very happy!!!!!
B) A little sad :0(
C) Bored out of your skull

Depending on -

A) If you won a prize on the Holiday Kal Cal
B) If you did not win a prize
C) if you did not even participate in the Holiday Kal Cal

THis is over an hour of Marly of Yarn Thing and I first naming off the entries for the 6 possible grand prize winners but mostly is naming the randomly drawn winners of all the wonderful generous swag! Of course there is the occasional digression.

GO to the Holdiday Kal Cal blog to see the 6 entries for the grand prize and please vote for one winner (and only vote once). Also all the randomly drawn winners and the swag they have won is listed there as well!

1 comment:

spazzedoutmuse said...

Hey She-Knit!

I'm a new listener and despite not participating in the KAl CAL, it still kept me entertained as I worked on a tedious project!