Tuesday, January 1, 2008

#34 Fresh - She-Knits Podcast

Start 08' freshy fresh! Rip those things that have been sitting untouched (and unloved) on your needles. If you didin't like the yarn after you saw it knit-up then give it away or swap it...if you weren't liking the pattern as you knit it...RIP IT .....you will feel FREE and FRESH

I finished pair #2 of Fiber Trends Clogs...who is this genius Bev Galeskas...I must find out her story of creating this pattern.

Clogs #2 (2)

I am in the mood to do lace ...I wonder if it gets boring. Possibly Juno from Knitty?

What do you lace knitters/blockers suggest as good purchases to make blocking garments and/or lace easier...there is talk of some kind of wires.....whatother equipment is good.

I am working on a messenger bag pattern which will be for sale soon.

I am NOT submitting to Knitty for this Spring..YAY for decisions which will leave me less thinly spread!!!

I am so in the mood to learn which are the faorite garments done in the round, either top down or bottom up and going to begin that journey by knitting and hopefully completing Wicked. If you want to join the Wicked Anticipation KAL go to She0Knits Podcast group in the Ravelry forums and if you are not on Ravelry and want to knit Wicked with me then e-mail me and I will keep you in the loop.

Have you taken your passion and made it into a business and been happy or un-happy with that venture? I would love to hear about it.

I will be doing a Whatchaknitting Saturday this Saturday January 5.

She-Knits purse patterns and purse kits can be found at Sheknitsforknitters.com
My name on Ravelry is Sheknits
My e-mail is sdreifuss[AT]msn[DOT]com


Throws Like A Girl said...

Your clogs are so pretty! Are they needle felted? I made my sister some plain bluey purple ones and although I think the pattern is genius, it was a hard pattern for me to do with small children around. Especially those first horrid rows. Seems like I'd be in the middle of one of those when some toddler crisis would appear.

Michelle said...

OK so the clogs are adorable! So I pulled the yarn I have for my clogs out today! I prefer top down sweaters because the sleeves are easier! I'm working on a top down from knitting pure and simple that you might like it's the top down hoodie http://www.knittingpureandsimple.com/page2.html it's pattern number 244 I have picts of mine on Ravelry. I'm mikki522 there.

Anonymous said...

On your most recent podcast, you were asking about tedious knitting. I am very much a process knitter and like tedious knitting. My knitting is not entertainment for me, but more of something soothing in my hands. I like intricate designs and lace also, but just to have something in my hands is wonderful and stockinette lulls me into peacefulness.