Tuesday, December 25, 2007

#33 Your Knitting Circle

1. Do you feel like you are part of a knitting circle here with Sharon and other She-Knits listeners?

I am going to change my schedule for now to podcasting the 2nd and 4th of the month instead of every week. So next cast will be Jan. 9 or 10th. I hope I am not letting anyone down. I want to continue to record regularly however the every week gig wasn't feeling pleasureful it was feeling pressure filled. I hope you all understand and stick around. I know you all want me to have fun with it...right?

I still plan to check our and write in the She-Knits Podcast group daily. Feel free to start your own topics in there and please post your FO's and thoughts!

Check Friday nights or Saturday morning for the Whatchaknitting Saturday thread. That is a great fun part of our Knitting Circle.

Annie Modesitt's blog post about designing hand knits and contracts.

Chunky Diagonal Scarf - reversible
Quite Straight Scarf-
My So called Scarf
Independent Designers
Wooly Wormhead has awesome hat designs - Going Straight is here new book
Stitch Stud's Chasquido - beautiful Faire Isle Toddler hat
Bowerbird's hat Smoke Signals if for sale here and her incredible lace scarf Charolette A. Cavatica is free here
Ysolda has a lovely shrug, a really cute beret and more
Littlerissa's Pop Scarf

Mrs.Pivec's Owl (too cute)

Holly is knitting Elephante'

Hurry up last chance to enter these two contests.

New Podcasts:
Knit Naturally
Stitch It

Last Chance for real:

APPETIZERS CONTEST-ENDS DEC 31st with a randomly drawn winner of a to be announced prize. I will tell you that it is something you read. Let us all see the recipe for your favorite easy to follow recipe. If you are on Ravelry post it there in the She-Knits Podcast group, and if you are not a member please post your recipe in the comments here. I will announce the winner in January.

You can still enter the current CONTEST (below), it ends Dec 31st.

MORE GIVE-AWAY FUN. I am really trying to pick all your brains and offer a chance at winning something in the process IF you would like to win the book Family Tree, by Barbara Delinsky (and I am sure I will add some goodies!!!) leave a comment here, or on Ravelry in She-Knits Podcast group as follows:
1. Please tell me about the first project you ever did and if you think it is a good project for me to teach my beginning knitters.
AND if you have a good specific tip, then.....
2. Please leave me that great tip you have been taught whether; a teacher told it to you, a knitter-friend, or you read it in a book or on-line.


Mrs. Pivec said...

Hi Sharon,

Thank you so much for your sweet comments and for posting the picture of my little owl. :)

I'll miss your weekly chatter, but understand COMPLETELY. I can't imagine, really, how you've managed to be weekly for this long. I'm thrilled that you'll still be around and I'll pop in and continue to be a part of our knitting group from time to time.

Have a wonderful New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,
Another good article on self publishing/publishing is at the Girl From Auntie blog

Lots of food for thought.

Donna B said...

Thanks for that idea of starting clean in 2008 by ripping those ufo's. I think I might just do that too!

Anonymous said...
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Ismile said...

Hi Sharon,
I was looking on Itunes to see if there were any business podcast at the same time I was searching knit patterns on the web to decide a new project.
I accidently typed knitting into my podcast search and found your show.
That was Friday. Since than I have taken the weekend after listening to episode #33 to catch up on all the other old episodes.
I just wanted you to know how much I love these.
Thanks for sharing with us!

Sheknits said...
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