Sunday, February 24, 2008

#42 What makes you feel sucessful?

SO are shownotes important? Is anyone really loking at this. Please leave me comments if you think shownotes are an important aspect of the Sheknits podcast and I will try to do a better job if you need me to.

I have been in Colorado all week nursing my college freshman because she fell down and went boom and broke. Snowboarding is an expensive sport especially when you break your shoulder. Argggggg.

In the show I ask, what is it that you do to feel sucessful? We all need to, is it mere attitude, like finding success in small ways , or does something have to be big to be successful?

What should we do for the march KAL? I started a thread in the Sheknits Podcast group in the Raverly forums asking this question..pipe up if you want to.

I would like to here about your favorite knitted objects i.e. animals, toys, useful knitted objects. Please leave it on Raverly, here or contact me and let me know particular patterns you have enjoyed .

I am knitting Central Park Hoodie in Mission Falls Cotton 1834 in the prettiest softest pumpkin color.. in one piece.

I also am still finishing two Melly Bags and a Dream Floral Bag.

Are you looking for a new knit and felted bag pattern or complete kit. Go to and buy a pattern or a kit or some Creature Knitting Needles.

Do these shownotes matter...or help...or is there anyone really reading them?

Monday, February 18, 2008

#41 On Eggshells

THe shownotes are incomplete right this moment. I will try to complete them by 2/20

Yay for the return of my MacBook

Hi SheKnitters-

I finally missed a week however it was not by choice but rather computer meltdown. When i was trying to post last weeks show my computer lost it's mind and in the end they had to re-install the hard drive and left me with some of my documents with everything else gone. What was that, did you really ask if I backed up my laptop......well, I will now once I figure out how to. Its only a computer...right??!!!

So tomorrow I go to Boulder to be with the broken shouldered daughter while she of the 10th percentile that needs surgery when they break their shoulder, gets her surgery. I will kindly accept and hope for the kind wishes through the Universe of all of my Circle that sends it. We need to all be on the mend here ...lots of sickness in the last 2 weeks...we need Spring to come...some new growth...especially those of us in that are silly enough to call the Midwest and East our homes...well we know there is more to life then weather...but seriously hopefully we can start an upward and on the mend time for those of you that have had all that winter yeech in your homes.

I am continuing with the two customer Melly Bags, and the one customer Dream Bag (which is looking particularly gorgey.

I am swatching for either CPH or Sweaterbabes Lush and Lacey Cardigan...depending on which I can get gauge on ..using either Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece or Rowan Calmer. So far Calmer has been 5 1/4 on an 8, then I think I got correct gauge on a 10 but the fabric was too loosey goosey. Now I am trying it doubled in the Calmer before I move on to Cotton Fleece...cuz I like Calmer more better.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

#40 Slice Of Life Sheknits Circle

I need a shownotes holiday in terms of links.

I am knitting 2 Melly Bags and a Dream Floral. I am having a heck of a time with my Lala Scarf for Lace in Feb..however...I will not quit.

I treasure Ravelry with just the mere exiostance of my Sheknits Circle in which we talk about everything from chemo to cat vomit and all knitting in betweeen.

I also treasure it as I pm'ed complete strangers looking for help with Lala and they both replied.

What did we do before Ravelry??

PattyB was deeply touched by our messages of condolence and the gifts that were sent to her...I am so glad we all did that.

Swap lists will be going out next week