Sunday, February 24, 2008

#42 What makes you feel sucessful?

SO are shownotes important? Is anyone really loking at this. Please leave me comments if you think shownotes are an important aspect of the Sheknits podcast and I will try to do a better job if you need me to.

I have been in Colorado all week nursing my college freshman because she fell down and went boom and broke. Snowboarding is an expensive sport especially when you break your shoulder. Argggggg.

In the show I ask, what is it that you do to feel sucessful? We all need to, is it mere attitude, like finding success in small ways , or does something have to be big to be successful?

What should we do for the march KAL? I started a thread in the Sheknits Podcast group in the Raverly forums asking this question..pipe up if you want to.

I would like to here about your favorite knitted objects i.e. animals, toys, useful knitted objects. Please leave it on Raverly, here or contact me and let me know particular patterns you have enjoyed .

I am knitting Central Park Hoodie in Mission Falls Cotton 1834 in the prettiest softest pumpkin color.. in one piece.

I also am still finishing two Melly Bags and a Dream Floral Bag.

Are you looking for a new knit and felted bag pattern or complete kit. Go to and buy a pattern or a kit or some Creature Knitting Needles.

Do these shownotes matter...or help...or is there anyone really reading them?


Emily said...

Hi Sharon - I do read them, but am not sure how necessary they are. I think they'd be helpful when you talk about something on that podcast and then can put the link in your shownotes. Hope that helps!

ScrapHappy said...

I am a dedicated show-notes reader. If you mention a pattern, a person, a book, whatever -- I NEED THE LINK! I think it's critical.
Thanks for asking!

Knitted Gems said...

I shamefully admit that I don't listen to your podcast. I only read this blog, so if you let it go, I'd lose touch with you and your designs. I hope you keep it up.
And I just love the KALs that you host. I can't wait for the next one.

Michelle said...

I try to read them, espicailly if I'm looking for a link to a website you mention! Esp. if you are talking about a pattern I don't know!

sandy l said...

Please do include shownotes. It's nice to be able to go back and see what you've mentioned and to check out any links that may be posted. Also, it would be a nice courtesy to to anyone that you mention on the show.

straczyk said...

I love your show notes. When you talk about a new pattern you have found or podcast/blog you like, I go to your show notes for the link. I just started listening to your podcast in January - started from the beginning and am almost caught up - two more to go! Love listening to your podcast and am looking forward to doing a KAL in the future.