Wednesday, October 13, 2010

#103 It's been a bit...and I still knit!

Title Talk and Comment's Feedback
How do you fit it all in? We all know what takes priority for the major things...or at least we think we know..however what takes priority with all the minutia?
I am curious, after your first priority ...i.e. self-care, care for your loved ones big and small and four legged...and your knitting ...what comes next? Do you have time for Facebook? Twitter? Or what?


- The Winner,(winner was picked by my asking a friend to say a number between 1+34 as there were 34 comments on last months blog post) is...~~~~~BZ~~~~ BZ, you need to send me your name, shipping address and your yarn color choice from THIS yarn. I also need your Ravelry name to send you the Anna pattern. Congratulations!
Another one of my kids, Robin was just asked to pick two more numbers as I wanted to send out two more free Anna patterns to two more contest entrants. Dnaprice won and JavaNut one, and I know where you both are on Ravelry and will send you the pattern! Yeah for winning!!

Thank you so much to everyone that entered the contest, I have very much enjoyed reading your posts.


On the mend

Beautiful beautiful Kimmy's and Sammy's..I am so impressed...truly.
Announcing She-Knits Mystery 6, Anna Shawl. Information is here, and you can sign-up until we begin November 10th, 2010. Optional kits available out of hand-dyed from Studio June, look at these awesome colors!

Lookey Lookey at newly published She-Knits patterns


LaPorte Ave Tote - Come join me in January for the KAL HERE
(pictured at the beginning of this blog post)

New to me and interesting...or nuts

How much do you think this beauty costs???

What about these 'knit' sneakers?

What about these crocheted slippers? How much?


No fear here...just relief this week.

Gratitude and good thoughts
Good thoughts go out to all of you that are having to deal with ongoing medical situations, I feel for you...I am sure it is overwhelming at times or all the time.

See you sooner then this next time!