Wednesday, December 12, 2007

#31 So now what?

Since my podcast is so personal, I have decided to combine my personal blog with my podcast blog. I had almost entirely stopped blogging as it seemed that I was saying everything I wanted to say on the podcast and included the information I wanted to include on the podcast shownotes.

I am working on writing the pattern for the Carie Bag. My shop is going to have exclusive patterns my Etsy shop won't have, there is one on there now...was that a good teaser?? The Carie Bag will be listed there also...probably by next weeks end.

I am still unsuccessful with the Sirdar Coat whilst everyone else (almost) on that KAL) has finished!

Out of my funk has come the inspiration to finally knit the Fiber Trend I can talk about it on the She-Knits Podcast group Fiber Trends clog KAL thread YAYYY!!!!

I still am anticipating WICKED and if you would like, come join that KAL on Ravelry in the She-Knits Podcast group entitled Wicked Anticipation. We will be doing it towards the end of January. I think I can , I think I can , I think I can.....

Knitting Daily has the re-vamped Central Park Hoodie pattern for sale.

GO see IlgaLeja's Opera Season lace shawls and tank...they are gorgey!

Visit the She-Knits KAL for bag inspiration

visit the Holiday KAL-CAL for fast project inspiration.

Let me here about what is inspiring you...maybe you will inspire me. Let me know what your favorite knitting magazines other then IK.

APPETIZERS CONTEST-ENDS DEC 31st with a randomly drawn winner of a to be announced prize. I will tell you that it is something you read. Let us all see the recipe for your favorite easy to follow recipe. If you are on Ravelry post it there in the She-Knits Podcast group, and if you are not a member please post your recipe in the comments here. I will announce the winner in January.

You can still enter the current CONTEST (below), it ends Dec 31st.

MORE GIVE-AWAY FUN. I am really trying to pick all your brains and offer a chance at winning something in the process IF you would like to win the book Family Tree, by Barbara Delinsky (and I am sure I will add some goodies!!!) leave a comment here, or on Ravelry in She-Knits Podcast group as follows:
1. Please tell me about the first project you ever did and if you think it is a good project for me to teach my beginning knitters.
AND if you have a good specific tip, then.....
2. Please leave me that great tip you have been taught whether; a teacher told it to you, a knitter-friend, or you read it in a book or on-line.


Kia said...

I know you say not to leave you comments here - but I don't have Ravelry, and I've wanted to let you know for a while now that I look forward every week to listening to your podcast. I love the knitting circle style to it. I don't have a "real life" circle I can join, so your podcast is one that I take great enjoyment from.

I don't need you to reply to this, but just so you know that someone on the other side of the world takes great pleasure in your weekly rambles I'm leaving my details all the same.

My name is Nic, I'm based in Australia, and my email is

fun4Tracey said...

I have just found your podcast recently and have loved catching up on past episodes! I don't even knit - crochet only so far - so I have to enjoy your bag patterns "from afar" and they are gorgeous.

Just wanted to point you toward the Knit Picks podcast called "Give the Gift of Knitting"that she did a couple of weeks ago. In it, she gives hints about how she teaches knitting to others. She apparently is quite an experienced teacher, so you might get some valuable info there.

Looking forward to hearing more about how your class preparation is going, and everything else! Merry Christmas!