Thursday, December 6, 2007

#30 Rejection sucks.

Knitty rejected my Toothpick Optional design- so whatdoyathink---....-----.....------

It is for sale as a pattern or kit at my new shop
Sheknits for! If you buy a kit make sure to tell me if you need a hard copy of the pattern instead of a pdf.

If the site is mis-behaving, spank it and go instead to
my Sheknits for Knitters Etsy site please.....or not.

I sold 2 of these patterns so far, one of which sold right after I posted it ...and the rejection began to dissipate!Yayyyy!

- but I still love Knitty- my fav. for this issue is Stardust

I finished the bag below for JG and she loves it. Yayyy!

I finished this Caroline Bag for JB and she is picking it up tomorrow and I know she is going to love it Yayyyyy! The first one in gray is for JB the second one is from my student from my very first felted handbag is a stunning bag she did a fantastic job...the third one is the traditional Caroline and is for sale at a local boutique

I am knitting a Melly Bag in these colors:

The Knitters Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes looks awesome and it is in my book stash!!

White Lies Designs has some interesting Lace sweaters like this Cardigan


Ludmilla said...

I love that bag. I want that bag. I will get your pattern in a second and put it with all the other patterns of stuff I wish I had time to make. Seriously, I love it. I'm honestly surprised it didn't make the cut. Okay, off I go to spend money on your site.

JavaNut said...

Sharon - the FIRST thing I did when Knitty went up was check for a SheKnits pattern... was so disappointed, but glad that the submitted pattern has started to sell. Definitely helps the sting of 'NO'

Latest podcast is downloading now... looking forward to it!

katerina said...


Don't get discouraged - the bag looks great! Take a listen to CRL (Vikie Howell's podcast) episode 5 - she talks about submitting things, and talks to Adina Kleinn about what makes a good submission.
I'd suggest submitting it to another magazine! Your bags are definitely super-cute!

Michelle said...

Aww I'm sorry! I too looked for you pattern as soon as knitty came out. I think the pattern is super cute!!

Sheknits said...

I appreciate the support from all of you....sigh...we all have to just keep swimming...right?

knittygirl said...

I love the bag! I checked for a bag when I went on Knitty and was sad not to see your name. :-( I think adding the toothpick makes a really cute touch!

Chalkhills Collective said...

Hi, just found you and your podcast and really loving both!