Tuesday, January 29, 2008

#39 Just Sheknits

Last week was my 5 year olds kindergarten performance, it was so bittersweet.

What are you knitting? I am knitting 4 bags for customers. Marly, 2 Melly's, and A Dream Floral.

I am still working on Wicked and getting more and more excited about doing the Lala Scarf.

Congratulations to jaka13 for finishing her first garment ..hello Wicked. How'd you do it so quickly??

If you want to be part of our Sheknits Circle come say hello in Raverly either in the daily small talk, or Whatchaknitting Saturday. IF you are not in Ravelry say hi here or e-mail me sdreifuss[At}msn[DOT]com

Sheknits first ever Secret Swap closes Jan 30th- contact me same as above if you want to particpate and are truly going to do it right!

I am going to send a Yarn Harlot book and/or a sock pattern book to pattyb who is in our knitting circle. Her husband passed unexpectedly from a massive heart attack a few days ago. FlashyGranny on Ravelry is sending her Cat Bordhi's sock book we are going to say both books are from the Sheknits knitting circle.. Both these items are on pattyb's swap list and she contactedme to say she needed to drop out of the swap...I couldn't just let it end there....if you want to send condolences you can contact her on Ravelry.

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straczyk said...

After listening to your experience in going to your youngest's concert, I just had to leave a comment. I fought back tears at both of my children's concerts - their firsts and their lasts. When my daughter graduated, I remember sitting at her final choir concert crying along with the mom of her best friend - we were never going to experience this again with them. I now go to my grandkids' performances and fight back those same tears. It makes me feel good to know that I am that proud of them that it can stir that level of emotion. My husband thinks I'm over emotional, but I wouldn't have it any other way.