Sunday, June 8, 2008

#53 T freakinNNA

Hi! Still here at more 1/2 day to go. I just am putting up a podcast to tell you all about it. Classic moment happened on my way back to the hotel. I was walking the 8 city block walk from one Hyatt to the other Hyatt and am crossing the street holdling the two books I scored for free today, More Big Girl Knits and Sweater Renewal...and the streets are just empty except for random groups of women here and there...I am cradling the books and my cell phone is pressed to my ear and I am chatting with my husband....and two women are walking by me going the other way and one of them has a big smile on her face and is looking at me and says 'thats our book!' in a split second I realized the two women were Jillian Moreno and Amy Singer, so I flashed the front cover of the book (it had been facing in) and gave her a big smile...the front cover has her on it..and I kept walking and talking to my husband.

Can you imagine how I wanted to turn around and walk with them and whisper in Amy's ear how I hope she will pick my submission for the Fall Knitty and that she rejected the cutest Martini Bag and that it was funny because just after that Interweave decided to publish TWO (not one but TWO) of my designs....but I kept walking and talking to my husband cause you know what...we are all working or relaxing after working and it just wouldn't of been appropriate...and I get it and I am part of it yet not.


Tora: said...

You are SO a part of it! I'll bet you couldn't get the grin off your face!

Hugs from Tora in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Denise said...

Hoping you get home today or tonight. Take the time to re-enter reality. (can you hear a hollow sounding echo-y voice saying the following): you are entering reality, prepare for landing, buckle your seatbelt, put your tray table and chair in its upright and secure position, prepare for re-entry. . . . 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 . . . . . . re-entry completed - allow plenty of time for the pressure of your expedition to decrease before attempting to respond/reply to your family. . . .