Thursday, July 8, 2010

#97 She-Knits is always hungry

I am so sorry about the gaps of silence in between segments of the podcast...there is actually music there however I didn't realize I needed to be recording on a different track for the music to come through.

Title talk

Are you always hungry? Do you think about food a lot? I do...I feel like I am constantly hungry or thinking about food unless I actively push myself to stop.

What am I doing in my knitting world?
Knitscene has accepted a design of mine for Spring 2011...yay!! I am pattern writing....a lot. What do you think of the new Knitty?

Should it be fun for my 8 year old to come with me to the store while I pick out things for his sisters without him being allowed to pick something out for himself?

New and Nice - supports HIV postitve women in Rowanda buy selling hand crocheted and beaded (hand blown glass beads) rings and bracelets created by these woman. - take a look at this adorable raffia hat.... - How about renting your own blueberry bush. Love this

I don't want all my kids to grow up and move out...well sometimes I do....however mostly I think it will be sad and lonely. If you have gotten through this or have the same fear I would love to hear from you.

Gratitude and good thoughts
What would I do without my test knitters?



linda said...

ME TOO. Always hungry. I'm trying the watermelon diet -- half a watermelon a day. So far it isn't working. (I just made it up.)

I like paper. I like to curl up on the sofa with a magazine or read it in the car or on the porch or at the pool.

I had the empty nest syndrome for about a year before my daughter graduated and went away to college. But by that time I was over it. Had plenty of new interest to explore.

dnaprice said...

Hi Sharon, I'm not always thinking about food, I usually eat when I am bored or nervous. I'm a great deal larger than you, I guess I don't have very good self- contol.
I've bought a lot of patterns off of Ravelry, but prefer to browse through magazines. I love looking at the ads and reading the articles. I hope they don't totally disappear.
It's okay that your 8 yo doesn't have fun while shopping for care packages. It's the perfect age to teach them to think about others.

Sheknits said...

Linda I hope the watermelon diet works for you....can it be a hollowed out half filled with vanilla ice cream?

I am not so sure if whats bothering me the most about the idea of an empty next....

I too hope that magazines don't disappear. I just think all publishers are struggling so so much and I don't think it is going to get better for them. Makes me think about how brick and mortar shops struggle more now because of the internet...I am not sure what the answer is.

Anonymous said...

wouldn't ya know? I was thinking this morning...why in the world am I starving today? can't seem to get enough. then I put my earbuds in and listen to the podcast,lol...

Tbird0123 said...

Yes, I am always "mouth" hungry, something crunchy or salty, not a chocolate lover...tried gum, that gets tummy juices going then I'm REALLY hungry.

As far as you son WANTING to do something for his sisters,,,nah, I have a 7 year old boy, only child, and when we have to shop for someone else bday party....he is well, pissy.

Carol in NJ said...

I like both magazines and download patterns. I like being able to hold the magazine in my hand.

Since I knit a lot of shawls, I love to download patterns so that I can enlarge the charts.

I don't do well with written patterns, however, I do like how you write out your shawl patterns. I follow your written instructions better than charts.

candisrrt said...

I just wanted you to know that I listen! I just listened to your last 2 podcasts with mowing my grass and I swear I'm going to be your Fl. friend!
It fascinates me that you have 7 children. I had one and love that I have one. My partner has a son that it now 28(13 at time she and I got together)and he has 3 kids, age 3,5,6. I LOVE my grandkids but I sure love them one at a time. I always feel like a referee. I am truely amazed by people with lots of kids.

My child is now 14 and this yesterday flew to Fl. Laud from Jax to spend time with my oldest dearest bestest friend and his partner. I miss him so bad but I think I might be just a bit jealous of the time my son is spending with them. I wanted to fly in too but I was't welcome. What kinda stuff is that? I did have to laugh cause my friend said he felt funny with my son and couldn't pinpoint what it was. It wasn't until this am that he realized he felt like he was talking to me when I was 14 but I was now a boy. Jerry felt like he had gotten older but was again talking to me 30 years ago.
See, I rambling to and just go off.

I love some car rides. I am the driver of the family but my family gets in back of SUV with all their stuff and I get to just be in my own little driver world with my ipod and my podcasts. My knitting/crochet time comes when we get to our destination.

Ok, I can't remember what else I was going to comment on but I know I think I like you.