Wednesday, May 4, 2011

#109 She-Knits adjusts.

Do you have a young adult child living farrrrr away from you? Did it take you a while to you ever adjust?

Do you take knitting classes at your LYS? If so , what inspires you to take a it a project based class or a technique class...or is it an ongoing weekly skill building class? What have been your positive class experiences, or what has been a bad experience and what would have made it better?

The Royal wedding cost $15,000,000...the Presidential Inaguration was $117,000,000. Is it me or is that ridunkculous?

Next to Normal
is the fantastic musical I recently attended.

Barbara Taylor Bradford's book, Playing the Game narrated by the fabulous Catherine Harvey (have you ever heard her?)

Are you going to join me for She-Knits Mystery 8?

ChiaoGoo circular lace redline needles are AWESOME!

Peace....knit what you love!!!!


egypt451 said...

Yes I consider it totally ridikulus...we all needed to see our money and poor Englands go down the isle so to speak...seeing that both economies are pretty iffy right now.

Peggy WA state

dnaprice said...

I tried posting a comment earlier this morning, but something didn't work, I finally have time to try again.
My son has been gone for almost a year and a half. I think I'm used to him being gone, but I don't let my self think about it too much. If I do I start to really miss him. On the bright side he gets to call home on Mother's Day. I'm looking forward to that. I know he is just across the states and not in another country like your daughter, but I kind of know what your feeling .

I have only taken a couple of classes at my LYS. I like to try techniques/ patterns on my own first. Then get a professionals help if I don't pick it up on my own. I really liked taking a begining spinning class. It was a 6 week class that started with us washing some fleece, carding it,using a drop spindle. then a spining wheel

I like classes that start on time, I don't like it when students are late and the learning has to stop while they catch up. I also don't like it when students take a class they are not experienced enough to take. For example I took a beaded crocheted braclet. class. There was a stuedent who was still learning the basics of crochet. The teacher was patient and speant a lot of time with her but if any one else had a question or problem they ended up waiting quite a while.

Miss Elle said...

I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but I think egypt451 might have the wrong side of the stick... the actual wedding was paid for by the Royal Family and the Middletons. The dress was donated by the designer. The only thing the tax payer paid for was security. And sicne the Royal Family also pay taxes (not on everything, but on some things), they contributed to that too.

Noyla said...

The most I have paid for a skein of yarn is $30. I think it wasn't that bad, because it was about 490 yards of worsted weight wool with 5% silk.
I choose which LYS I am going to by what they have, by the atmosphere of the place, but mostly by where I am located and where the nearst one is at the time.
I have taken classes for things that have techniques that I have not done yet. Sometimes I think I wouldn't mind taking a class with friends.

cybergran said...

hurrah for miss elle - the wedding was fabulous and the amount of money that the royals earn for england in tourism far, far outweighs what they cost.
My son is the other side of the world - hopefully coming back within a year or so - but i do miss him terribly - even though we talk each week at least once on msn messenger and video calls do help but .....
when is the mystery shawl coming out?? i will be there

Debbie said...

I was just looking to see if you are having another KAL. Your KALs are the best! I have two older children far away - I don't think you ever get used to it, you always worry and always miss them! So much so that I am considering moving to be closer. Once they have little grandbabies - it is even harder to be away.

As for classes at a LYS - I think is all depends on the teacher for me.

tamdoll said...

I've been listening to your podcasts while I sew (sewing while thinking about knitting!). To answer your recent question, I don't take classes. I think it would be fun to socialize, and I could certainly learn something new... but usually I just decide to spend the money on more yarn when I think about it.

Congrats & good luck with teaching at the new shop.

To answer your other question, about yarn shops - it totally has to do with the people for me. I have avoided yarn shops because I don't feel welcome inside, no matter what their stock is like. I'll drive pretty far for a warm, friendly place.

And... weddings. Oh boy. I swear, one day when my girls want a wedding, I hope to offer them some money and say, "Buy a house, or have a's up to you." It's crazy how much hype there is for one day!

tamdoll said...

one more comment.... because I'm still listening...

Another response - $30-$36 is what I recall. I'm reluctant to spend more than that on yarn.

If you're looking for books, check out - you can enter titles of books that you've enjoyed and then see what other people have read that are similar.

Katherine said...

Thank you for your podcast. "Love what you knit" has become my mantra for this one special area of my life. And, I find it leaking into others just a bit.

Knitting classes...I choose them first for for good location, then an interesting project, or a teacher whom I really enjoyed. Right now I am taking an ongoing class to which I can bring any project or question.

Thanks & peace back to you!

Geri said...

I take knitting or spinning classes when I find a subject I'm interested in or a new technique I want to master that I haven't been able to find on YouTube or some online tutorial. I am a retired high school teacher and don't have much tolerance for poor teaching skills or lack of preparation. I have done quite a bit of teaching (Nordic mittens, beginning and advance lace, generic sock, etc.) and spend a lot of time prepping my lessons, handouts and samples. I like taking a class where there is a brief introduction and then we jump in and 'do' the technique under the teacher's supervision and then have lots of time to practice and ask questions.

Have you seen 'Billy Elliott - the musical'? I highly recommend it.

RobinCorley said...

Great podcast. I'm listening on the bus while knitting. A great author is Tracy Chevalier, writing historical fiction. Latest book, "Remarkable Creatures" is based on real women. The characters are strong women and the historical part is in the least quite educational. Go for it!!! I've listened to all her books! Keep up the good work!!