Sunday, August 5, 2007

#11 The Cure

No, I did not talk about the title of the this podcast. I was going to launch into a whole thing about "The Cure" and believe I started to allude to it, but in the end I digressed.....what a sup rise...NOT. So... next time.

EXCHANGES that are still OPEN for registration
This is a great place for information about creating swaps and finding ones you'd be interested in participating in.

Fall Felted Bag Exchange Registration opens 8/15 and closes 8/27

Knit One Tea Too
Sign-ups began 8/3 - I am not sure when they end

Stitch Marker Exchange
as of 8/4 there was one more spot open

CONTESTS ends August 23 Exchange still OPEN for Fall sign-ups CONTEST ends August 14 caption contest ends August 14 leave a comment regarding a book you have enjoyed contest ends August 30th

ONE MORE CONTEST- wasn't mentioned on the show as it was brought to my attention after the show had been posted
You could win Eliz. Zimmermans Almanac and some other free stuff just by leaving a comment by August 9th On Ignore me ist's easier's blog

EVEN ONE MORE- just found this Hurry its a good one especially if you are a sock knitter ends this Friday.

Feel free to let me know about exchanges and contests and I would be happy to mention the. Also if you are inclined to leave me a lovely comment I would love to hear about your experiences in swaps and exchanges.


knittinginLondon said...

Hi Sharon!
I thought it was about time I told you how much I enjoy your podcast -which I listen to while I knit!
I just 'found' your podcast a couple of weeks ago so I started with episode #1 and just tonight finished episode #11.
Years ago I lived just outside Chicago so it's fun for me to hear you talk about it!
My knitting group meets on Sunday mornings for two hours in Starbucks and most of us knit mainly Rowan. I think it's time to branch out!!! What's on my needles? Rowan cardigan 'Regatta' in cotton Glace.

Johnna said...

Hey Sharon-
Thanks so much for the felting tips. i would have never thought about throwing in some flip flops. Not only would I get to felt something, but I would also get to make my flip flops oh so clean!


Lorri said...

Sharon, thanks for a great podcast. I just love listening to you. I too have a front loading washer that I use to felt with. It was eerie listening to your tips because I do exactly the same things as you and found that it too takes me about an hour and I have the cleanest flip-flops in town.

You asked about swaps/exchanges. I'm in the middle of one right now. I'm a member of the Minnesota Knitters Guild ( we're doing a scarf exchange. At our August meeting, members brought 200-250 yards of yarn that they would like knit into a scarf. We anonymously chose someone else's yarn and we have two months to knit a scarf for them. Then at the October meeting, we show and tell the scarves we knit, talk about the pattern we chose and give then back to their owners. I think that this really works well because we're all held accountable (in front of the other members) to finish the project and bring it back on time. I can't wait to see my scarf!!

Keep up the great work!