Sunday, July 29, 2007

She-Knits Podcast #10 Knitting Friends

Am I finally going to have friends that knit? If you are inclined to leave me a lovely coment please include whether your knitting world involves friends that knit, acutal stitching groups or is your fiber life mostly comprised of you and your cyber world of fibery friends? I would say at the present mine is 98% cyber world with the possibility of finally changing a bit (you will hear about it in today's show.

Marly Bags
by customer

Here is She-Knits fresh out of the oven newest purse making KIT, Cables on Pockets on Grays Oh My!

How to make a Lightbox to take better pictures of objects.

Sandfibers bead weaving artitst on Etsy

Ready Set Knit Podcast by Kathy and Steve Elkins of WEBS

Turkey Hat Knitting Pattern for sale. Go to Catarina Bonet's Etsy shop to see the Christmas Tree Hat.

A purple jacket called by Nora Gaughan I am in mad crazy love to knit from Interweave Knits Fall 2007 due out 8/14/07 called Tilted Duster

Knitting Blog contests:

Knit Mandys Candy Bag Contest or just post a link to the pattern contest ends Sept 3

Contest win a skein of hand dye and a spiral bougd book just leave a commnet by August 3

January 1 Blog
Contest for to create a logo for Spin Out - If you win you get a $100.00 gift certificate from WEBS (!Logos must be in by August 8.
One more contest not mentioned on the sho:


Emano said...

That cabled bag is gorgeous!

I have one friend that knits, and I knit with her on Sunday nights. My 13-year old daughter knows how to knit, but doesn't choose to do it very often. Cyber fiber for me, too, then.

I have listened to all your shows, but I don't know if I've left a comment. Maybe one? Not enough, though. Love the show, thanks for all the work you do!

kit said...

Hi Sharon,
Just stopped by to tell you how much I enjoy your podcast. Your so refreshing, I love it!
I also want to find the link to your etsy store so I can see more of what your passion is.
I am a SOCK knitter... love love love them. Maybe someday you'll get the bug too.
I'm in a weekly sock group, but mostly I listen to podcasts and read a few blogs to keep up with the commuknitty. I only have one friend I knit with outside of the sock group.
Love you show - keep it up!

Charity said...

Hi Sharon! I've gotten a little behind on my listening, but I just finished this episode, and I was thrilled to hear you had found some knitting companions! I'm like you, not very many people I know enjoy knitting, so it's very exciting when you meet someone, isn't it? :0)

Stitchnscrap said...
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Stitchnscrap said...

Hi Sharon!
I, too am catching up on my podcasts and just finished listening to this one. I don't really have friends that knit either, but my daughter does and we are both crazily addicted to knitting socks right now. I love the mother-daughter time this gives me with her. Your podcasts are making me want to try felting! I really enjoy your podcast, there are so many times I find myself nodding my head to what you are saying and so understanding where you are coming from. You're doing great!