Saturday, July 21, 2007

She-Knits Podcast Episode #9 Travel Enhanced Knitting

Gudonya Yummy smelling bath and shower stuff...sorry I see she doesn't make the body kiss I spoke about anymore, or at least I didn't see it in her fully loaded shop. Looks like there are lots of new things. Hmmm think I will get something new!

Wonderful EVERYTHING fibery and the kitchen sink store:

Shuttles Spindles and Skeins

Great knit and felted bag pattern (and more) WARNING don't make the bag in flesh tones and the bobbles in pinks and reds:

B4 Bag

CONTESTS from knitting blogs:

Helmet liner drive and contest can be found at 5elementknitr's blog

Art History contest to name the painting the pictured cat is in can be found at KitKatKnits blog

Guessing Democratic and Republican nominees contest can be found at Knit Blue which is a KAL for Democrats
Purses I knit while on my trips, both FO's and almost FO's


Now I am being a She-Knits felted purse kit shameless promoter...if you are not interested, quickly click away from this screen.....see I am trying to not be an enabler.

Do you want a felted purse kit?
Here's the Marly Bag original and the Marly Bag in a different colorway.

Here is my newest kit for a pretty wristlet and don't be skirdof intarsia, this is a great way to try it!
Sunflower Wristlet

1 comment:

JavaNut said...

Your latest podcast is downloading now - looking forward to listening to it!

Please consider doing an episode of 'felting tips.'
- How do you felt a bag with an inside pocket so it doesn't felt to the side of the bag?
- Can you felt more than one bag at the same time if each bag is in a case?
- Do you have a preferred detergent/soap to use while felting?
- Any other tips to share??