Sunday, February 27, 2011

#106 She-Knits is definitely NOT feeling it.

Where's my husband, oh, he is not downstairs in his office, he is out of the country....and that is long as it is temporary.

Where's my mojo......I want it back. I guess that is what two rejections in one week will do to a designer gal. Listen to hear the yucky details.

Are you listening to any audio books you are loving? PLEASE let me know, I cant even find a book I like as of late.

Are you loving what you are knitting?

She-Knits Mystery 7, Cynthia is going well! I hope you are part of the fun!


Julie said...


I just listened to your podcast while I was working (it's my Friday work at home day) and I enjoyed it thoroughly. You wanted book recommendations, and I have one for you. I'm currently reading "People of the Book," a novel by Geraldine Brooks and I am loving it! It traces the history of a very old illuminated manuscript over the centuries. Totally engrossing!

I also want to thank you for an audio book recommendation that you made not too long ago in the She-Knits group: "Let the Great World Spin." I'm listening to it now, and I am loving the different voices of the readers for each character. Thanks for the suggestion!

Caro said...

I loved the wonder that you voiced with regard to Skype! You put into words exactly how I feel about chatting to my daughter while she's in Beijing! So many miles away, yet I can see her and even take a photo of her while we chat, so that I can remember how she looks when she's about to laugh at her silly old Mum!
Don't know how much the phone companies are loosing. There aren't that many people here in England who have computers and even less who have seen the wonders of Skype! So I guess for the while they are safe,here.
Still loving the podcast

Judy said...

Another great podcast. I am enjoying She-Knits Mystery 7...and I your idea about the small kerchief, shawlette type garments for the next mystery KAL. I will definitely be joining again.