Saturday, March 12, 2011

#107 She-Knits wonders if we can connect more.

I love when you contact me, either by posting here in my blog or through a pm in Ravelry or my website...I do so love hearing from you.

How does one gone viral? How come there are 24,000 Twitter's following Common_Squirrel time?

I made a mistake...the book I am listening to is not Naked in Bones, it is Naked in Death

What are your 3 favorite recent audio books?

What are your top 3 movies of all time?

Do you worry about your parents dying?

Questions questions questions....inquisitive bugger ain't I?


Shirley said...

I haven't listened to this episode yet as it doesn't seem to be at Is it somewhere else (other than itunes as I don't use it)?

The last audio book that I listened to was from It was Wilkie Collin's I Say No. I enjoyed it enough that I want to listen to his other books.

I don't worry about my mother dying. (My father died in 1985). I know it will happen one day.

Noyla said...

I think that the squirrel thing is that people may find it cute and fun. I can imagine people getting a little smile break when the tweet comes through.

My favorite recent audiobooks are: "Going Postal" by Terry Pratchett, "Nature Girl" by Carl Hiaasen, and "Cell" by Stephen King

My top 3 movies are "Pride & Prejudice", "Sense and Sensibility", and "A Little Princess" (I wonder what this says about me)

I don't worry about my parents dying, but I am slowly realizing that it can happen anytime now since they just both recently turned 60 and their parents didn't see 70.

I am not sure about the pattern thing, but I was checking out a group on ravelry and noticed there was a Holden KAL and just decided I needed to make one. I had never made a shawl before and didn't think that I would. So, it just seems like sometimes its the mood you're in when you come across something. Serendipity

Geri said...

Have you posted this podcast yet? It doesn't appear on my list...

KnittyBarb said...

I will connect with you Sharon! You know I love your podcast, don't you?!!
My favorite recently listened to audiobooks are:
1) "Al Capone Does my Shirts" by Gennifer Cholenko - it you're curious about life on Alcatraz at all - it is a great book!
2)The Dexter Series by Jeff Lindsay
3) "Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things" by Randy O. Frost - really good!!

Favorite movies
1) "Dirty Dancing"
2) "Titanic" (yeah, I know...but I loved it and still watch it over and over
3) "An Affair to Remember"

I am 64, and my parents have both passed away. My dad in 1992 and my mom 2 years ago. I miss them!

BTW - I toot the horn of your She-Knits designs whenever I can!

LJWT said...

Sharon, just listened to your podcast on the car ride back from my mother's house -- it's her 65th birthday today. I don't have a Top 10 movie list but here's what I do know...

Favorite all-time movie: It's a Wonderful Life [in black & white - no colorization for this girl]

Favorite foreign film: Amelie [yes, there's a difference between a movie and a film]

Favorite animated movie: Ratatouille

Favorite animated short: Logorama [don't let the little kiddies watch this one]

Please keep on podcasting and designing patterns. You know I love you!!


Judy said...

I don't tweet...probably because like you Sharon, I'm just not a small-talk person (AND I'm an introvert). Sorry to all who like Common Squirrel, but I just don't get it! Maybe I'm showing my "maturity" ;) ...I'm 55.

I'm doing a Certificate in Psychology part-time and so I'm really interested in any anomalies in the human psyche. So, the last audiobook I listened to was based on the true account of Richard Baer's treatment of a woman with 17 personalities. It was called "Switching Time". It was sad and fascinating and very meaty! I also love any knitting-related audiobooks, like the KnitLit series.

I definitely worry about my parents dying. My Dad is 85 and my Mom is 75. Dad had emergency heart by-pass surgery and we almost lost him then. The surgeon only gave him 2 years to live, but it's been over 3 now!

Keep up the wonderful podcasts, Sharon. I love them and you!


Katie O said...

1. Into thin air
2. sookie stackhouse book, definitely dead
3. the bride collector

1. princess bride
2. kill bill's 1 and 2
3. Monsters, Inc

I don't worry about my parents dying. They are in their 50's and still doing awesome, so that fear hasn't entered my mind quite yet. :)

And yes, you are a little bugger ;)

Robin said...

A very interesting podcast, I can relate to many of the things you discussed! I mostly enjoy fun, entertaining movies and books, my faves are The Lord of the Rings series (both the books and the movies), and cozy mysteries both vintage and contemporary.

Don't be discouraged, you have tons of creativity and your designs are very original. :)

Carol in NJ said...

I love listening to your podcast! I am happy when a new one shows up in iTunes.

I would love to hear a podcast of how you design your shawls. I enjoy knitting them and they are very unique to you. Care to share how you come up with your ideas?

Also, I am looking to knit a shrug. Do you think you can come up with something in your "She Knit" way in a design for a shrug?

Finally, I am enjoying the podcast "The Gnome and Mrs Meyers." I think you will enjoy it too.


Debbie said...

I don't listen to audiobooks because I love to read.
3 Favorite movies: Gone with the Wind, Dr. Zhivago, A Star is Born.
I never worried about my parents dying, but then they died and it was very hard for me but I think they were at peace.

BTW: love your desings and am sad I did not sign up for the Cynthia KAL. (but still working on Anna). Looking forward to next KAL.

Debbie said...

I don't listen to audiobooks, I love to read.

Favorite movies: Gone with the Wind, Doctor Zhivago, A Star is Born.

Didn't worry about my parents, they both died and it was hard but I knew they were at peace.

Love your designs, sad to miss out on Cynthia but still working on Anna. When's the next KAL?

NDN Girl said...

Hello Sharon!

Okay so here goes my comment for the second time, the first one was long and well blogger ate it!!!!

I totally understand where you are coming from about the small talk! I'm not a small talk person and i try to be but i'm shy and i'm better than i use to be but still that is something i need to work on.

3 fav. movies (okay there may be more than 3) Maid in Manhattan, Blue Crush, Sweet Home Alabama, Where the Heart Is and The Notebook.

3 fav books are The Hunger Games collection, The Twilight series, The Island by Elin Hilderbrand and Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom (this is also a book)

Do i worry about my parents dying? Yes. I worry more about my dad than my mom. Actually my dad is turning 60 in about 2 weeks. He has alot of health issues and we have had several close calls with almost losing him. But he is a fighter! I worry/think about losing him for two reasons, he is my dad and i love him very much but too i have a baby girl that is 2 1/2 and she loves her grandpa more than anything in this world. I want her to know and remember him. I don't want her to be like me and lose her grandparents like i did at an early age. I don't know what i would tell her if we lost him. She is 2.5 yrs old but she is sooo sensitive when it comes to him and we are over there and if he is hurting and in pain she will say grandpa are you okay? Gandpa what's the matter? It breaks my heart. I dread that phone call, we have gotten many with him being rushed to the hosp. but i know one day we will get that call but i want to believe that day is a long time away...

Take Care and keep the podcast coming!! I was so excited when i seen that you had a new one out last night. It makes my day go by faster at work when i have some podcast to listen to :)

Jenn said...

My comment apparently died in the ether. Books - Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters.

The American President
Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightly version)
Notting Hill
Moulin Rouge (I love Baz Luhrman movies)

Parents : Yes - some friends have recently lost parents without the parents being ill or old. Worries me.

On things going viral, specifically knits: The first thing, is that it be a highly usable (and/or wearable) design. The second is that it fit into the category of the types of things I could use more of or that wear out. I find things browsing Ravelry a lot. I also find things seeing items that people in my knitters guild or knit night group have knit, or in other Ravelry groups. For me, shawls, socks, sweaters are things I knit most. Toys and baby items next (mostly as gifts) or other gift items (usually for my parents or brother). Home items and bags are things that last a long time for me, and I feel that there's limited numbers of blankets or bags I could possibly use. Bags are sort of like paper to me. I don't have any idea what to do with them. I already have my Tom Bihn knitting bag and a black leather classic handbag and I can't figure out why I would need another bag.

As a note. I love your Lizbeth shawl. Casual enough for jeans, dressy enough for a business casual office, great way to use yarn leftover from other projects. I added it to my favorites!

AnimalEngineer said...

What are your top 3 movies of all time?
Hope Floats
The Fast and The Furious!
The Breakfast Club
Do you worry about your parents dying? Yup. My Dad's health isn't great. And I worry about my grandparents especially. I haven't had much death to deal with in my life, so I worry about how my heart will break without them and what my kids will miss out on.
Miss Inquisitive, let me ask you a question:
I have triplets and I get people, acquaintences that I've just met, who take pictures of my children b/c they think they are so unique/cute, etc. What would you say to deter them? Would you let them?

Pamela said...

I have to agree Sharon, that I worry about my mom as well. My mom is 82 and though relatively healthy is dealing with the same syndrom I am. The 'what do you mean I'm that old? My mind tells me I am 20 years younger' syndrom. She puts off going to the doctor when she's sick and often has a hard time shaking viruses.

I worry about her because she is very healthy and when she ignores these issues, she lowers her quality of life. But she does make me laugh a lot. she lives by herself and is always telling me how 'dirty' her house is, which it's not. We do a lot together and I try to get with her at least once a week, if only over the phone.

Love the podcast. Cannot wait for the next episode.

Carla said...

Hi Sharon - I love listening to your podcast. I feel like I can relate even though I'm just the mother of 1, but we are close geographically and in the same age range. It feels like talking with a friend.

I also listen to audiobooks. Thanks to Lasik gone bad, I've had vision limitations for several years and corneal transplants, so audiobooks were much easier than reading. I find that the narrator makes all the difference, and I especially love anything narrated Mary Stuart Masterson.

I can't narrow it down to three favorite movies, but I definitely can name my sentimental favorite. Dirty Dancing. My husband and I met at a summer resort. His parents owned the resort and I was the summer girl. We met at 15 and it's been 32 years and we still see the teenagers we were when we met when we look at each other.

Sadly, both of my parents are gone, my mom several years ago and my father recently. I console myself that it is the natural order of the universe - our parents are supposed to go before us and the alternative (to go before them) would have put them through pain that I can't even imagine (as a parent myself).

sallyciz said...

I have been listening to (and really enjoying) your podcast for several years but have never commented on the blog. I've knitted (and really enjoyed) several of your KALs. I definitely identify with your anti-small talk position. I agree that if one is introverted it is harder to participate in that kind of thing. Much prefer small groups (2-4) people where it's not a competition to say something.
Top 3 favorite movies: On Golden Pond, The Godfather series, City Slickers
Love audio books - the best one I've listened to is "The Help" but also like any narrated by George Guidal.
My parents are never stop missing them or at least having flasbacks to a phrase or comment that makes you say "I sound just like my mother!!"
Want to encourage you to continue really is interesting and enetertaining and it's always a boost to see a new one on iTunes!

Coffee Me said...

Sharon! Hey-from Sharon! lol
I have missed the sound of your voice. I sure hope you can find time to continue the podcast when you land that awesome part time job. (or not!)
My opinion on that whole is it a good thing or a bad thing (working part time) is that it wholly depends on whether the place that you work inspires you or drains you. You could be exposed to yarn lines & companies that have the power to take your design business to the next level. You could be exposed to people & situations that suck the life out of you! I have had both circumstances & currently I relate to your feelings of wanting to stay in my house! (wow, lots of exclamation points!)
Have you read/listened to "The Help by K. Stockett" Awesome book! I listened to the version on & it was great. Also, a favorite author is James Herriott, a vet from the Dales in UK.
Love you!

Denise said...

I SOOOOO love my library system. I understand in #108 podcast - I feel so 'rich' when I can check out a pile of books, CD's, etc. And I love to request books online at my leisure. I also use their interlibrary loan connection to get books, CD's etc. that I want to have, you get them for a month. It now costs us $1 for each item for the interlibrary loans but it is SO worth is as I do not want to own every book I want to read. And it is interesting to see from where the books have come. All that to say I understand your love of the library!

I also returned to working outside the house 7 years ago and do it 3 days a week. I LOVED being home and it was a transition but I do like it. I am 'spent' when I come home and am especially quiet on those evenings as I'm not an extrovert and my work (physical therapist) requires me to be friendly, talkative, motivating post-surgical patients to get up and walking, etc.)

Now I'm on to knit on a baby blanket my daughter requested for our grandson. ;-)

I'm a LOOOOOOOOng time listener and rare ravelry poster. . . I miss you when you are on hiatus, but I do understand.

Geri said...

I didn't worry a lot about my mother dying we both knew it was inevitable. The concern was more directed at what a loss it would be in my life and how I would cope with tying up her estate from 330km away while working full-time. In a way, her sudden passing (I had 20 hours notice)was a blessing because I didn't have to deal with long-term palliative care for her. She died 18 years ago and I still miss her a LOT.

Some favourite foreign films: Bienvenue chez les ch'tis (Welcome to the sticks) and Il Postino.