Saturday, September 15, 2007

She-Knits Podcast #18 Bag Children

The Knitting Circle - wasn't for me, but may be for you

Adrianne's blog post about friends - what makes a friend

Silja's Blog
- lovely customer that suggested a She-Knits KAL

She-Knits KAL
- would love to see and hear from some of you listener/customers there!
Sheknits for Knitters - Are you sick of me yet...consider knitting a bag!

Holiday KAL-CAL - She-Knits and Yarn Thing are back together hosting this new fun KAL-CAL which will begin Sept 22 and end Dec 31st 2007

Drunk Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair - I will announce a give away contest in which you may win a signed copy of Crazy Aunt Purls aka Laura Perry's book

Beck Knits Too contest- Becky says, "Tell me what can be done with Rowan 4-ply and win a prize. Random drawing to be held next Sunday September 16. Advertise the contest on your blog and let me know and you'll get a second entry in the drawing"

Just Another Blog is having a contest to celebrater the opening of ther shop Yarn Forest that carries handpainted yarn . They are exploring base yarns and giving out two prizes of their yarns in a random drawing. TO enter you have to tell them which socks of yours have help up best as they want to figure out which abase yarns to try for their handpainted yarn.

Yarn dog's
contest is just to leave a comment telling about your favorite knitting spot. She is remodeling her spot. Random winner picked to win yarn.

Knit on my Cat is preggers and havng a contest to see if anyone can guess the name of her baby girl. She gives hints on her blog post about it, including that it begins with a vowel. Yarn is the prize

Hankering for Yarn
is having a contest to win a one of a kind yarn art doll just by leaving a contest. You do have to pay postage for mailing

Mom's Knitting Again blog is having a yarn prized contest and entering involves leaving a comment, you get extra enteries for linkng contest to your blog, and extra for actualy knitting something for a preemie and hopefully getting some involvement in what knitting fro preemies is about


Anonymous said...

Commenting!! I debated about whether or not to comment on Ravelry about this podcast but then I remembered that not everyone is on Ravelry.

Webs has a podcast Ready, Set, Knit and they are doing a KAL for the Tilted Duster. Even though you hate the Peruvia (if you hate it destash it for crying out loud! They are almost out of it at Webs so someone would snap it right up!!)find something that you love. I am using Cascade 220 Superwash in an Eggplant Color. KnitPicks has Swish in a Superwash that would be both affordable and in a variety of colors. This could be such a great learning experience for you and help you to get over hating your finished garments. Not every bag that you have made has turned out perfectly, right? Every journey begins with a single step. Cast on, girl!!

Podcasts. I have started listing to Dr. Christiann (I know I botched that spelling) Northrup's podcast last week. They are about 10 minutes long and some of it is bunk but some is really good and I am even a nurse and think they are good. Last week's was about having the best sex of your life so how in the world can you pass that up??

I just love your podcast and get so excited when it downloads!! And I am with you, two thumbs down on The Knitting Circle. Sort of like the movie Ordinary People. Someone slap me this is so depressing!!

Happy Saturday!! Thanks for all you do!

JavaNut said...

Hi Sharon - great show despite your 1am recording time - I cracked up at your husband picking the lock!!!

I haven't found many non-knitting podcasts that I listen to repeatedly. And I've unsubscribed to many of those because some are just random babble (and some I just can't listen to the voices, frankly). I've downloaded some NPR but haven't listened to much of them - you'll have to report back on what you like. And as for the whole positive opinions... my opinion is that if EVERYTHING is positive, you can't really trust the opinion! I enjoy Grammar Girl, but they're usually less than 5 min so not good for workouts.

For audio books - I enjoy Harry Potter (not the raving fan like some), but the audio books were great! Jim Dale as a reader - was phenomenal. Over 100 voices for some and the books I listened to (while I was working w/ schools in MS/LA after Katrina and driving ALL the time) were about 17 hours worth.

I'm excited about the Holiday KALCAL. I've got tons of baby stuff on my list so will actually have some things that I can get done :D

Happy Knitting -

DrillLady said...

I love your podcast. Thank you for being so honest about your kids. As a mom of 4, it gives me encouragement to try to enjoy each day.

I wanted to let you know that I posted at the Mom's knitting again contest page and mentioned you. That should give you a second entry (if I read the rule right).

T Nash

Heather D. said...

Sharon, I recently discovered your podcast on iTunes. I don't know why I never saw it before! I spent all last week listening to all of your back episodes and really really enjoyed them. I identified with so much of what you talked about, personality-wise and how you feel about social situations. It is SO me. I took in so much by listening to all of your episodes pretty much at once so I can't think of anything specific I wanted to comment on other than to say I am very much looking forward to future episodes and hearing about your bags and other knitting and how things are going with your kids. Especially the little guy in kindergarten. We went through that stage with my first boy last year, he's now in grade 1 and my second boy is in preschool.

Thanks again for a great podcast!!

LaTejanaFria said...

Is this the episode in which you asked about blocking? I hope it is.

I'm the annoying know-it-all that posted a few days ago about copyright. Again, my apologies if I insulted you.

But about blocking. Not so long ago I was a blocking doubter too. I mean really, how much of a difference could it make? I've got to say, in many cases, you get an entirely different garment.

For example, I'm making the Tilted Duster (which I'm loving, but be forewarned, when you're knitting the skirt portion, the garment grows to 200+ stitches. Interesting construction, but difficult to get through, as I like you have a hard time with making ever longer rows.) According to the instructions, you make the back, right and left sides, sew them together at sides and shoulders and then pick up stitches to make the skirt.

I initially thought that I would block later, but for better, more uniform picking up of stitches (I find this very challenging), I decided to block the pieces. And when I sewed the pieces together, it looked dramatically different and it even fit better.

Try it, you might like it. As long as you don't do anything rash (like stick the knitting in the washer at hot and let it agitate), how could it possibly be bad? Couldn't hurt, might help.

I hope you have a good weekend. I"m still catching up.

Nancy C.

P.S. If you're looking for audio books, you might want to check if your local library subscribes to NetLibrary. Lots of audio books available for download, for FREE! I refuse to pay so I get all of my books from this service. The selection is more limited, of course, but it's a decent selection. And the majority of them are unabridged, so if you're like me and really like to get those long rambling stories that are 18+ hours long, this is the way to go.