Sunday, October 18, 2009

#84 She-Knits What should we call that knitting effect?

We must come up with a name of the effect that occurs when you knit that results in a sense of calm....for me I will even go further to say it is even healing. Any thoughts on a name -
Knitease - no not Knit tease, Knit ease
Whats your thought on a name?

I am thinking that the next She-Knits Mystery will begin towards the end of January. You know it will probably be another bag- however I would love some feedback from some of you - would you like another bag, or a shoulderette, hat scarf, wrap or????

A poll with a prize!
I put a poll at the bottom of the blog (scroll all the way down) for you to vote regarding She-Knits next Mystery KAL.If you plan on participating in another She-Knits Mystery please vote so I can get am idea of what you lovely mystery ladies want.

If you want to be put in to the random drawing for a surprise yarn prize, please leave a comment about your poll answer OR you can make up a name for that knitting effect mentioned above to put in your comment OR you can answer the question below. I will put all people that leave a comment in the random drawing for a free bit'o yarn. I will need your Ravelry name in your comment so I can contact you in case you win!
Please vote by 11/1 as I will pick the winner to announce on 11/2.

How do you find your inner peace? You can also optionally answer this question to enter the contest! Short and sweet answers are appreciated.


Sarah said...

I'd vote for a bag, I think.

As for the knitting effect, I'd say "knititation" (as in meditation! And I know EXACTLY what you mean!

Going to start the day with a few rows of knititation now! Have a great one.

x SarahAbroad

barbarab said...

"At one with the needles!" Have a great day, Sharon! Best, Barbarab

Anonymous said...

Kniteuphoria : A feeling of great happiness or well-being

I voted for the shoulderette :)
Although seeing Mystery Bag #2 merge off my needles ~ I would 2nd the bag idea!
Happily looking forward to January and the next Mystery KAL :)
Jody aka SnookiesOz

Becky said...

Some thoughts - knitpeace, knitphoria, knitquillity, knitspirituality or knituality. bbop1

Lori said...

Hi Sharon - I voted for the bag, but I'm in for your next mystery, whatever it may be! Autumn is so much fun (despite the fact that I am discovering I'm not an intarsia fan). The way you run the KAL, your fantastic design, your sparkling personality.....all make for a wonderful and exciting knitting experience! Lead on, fearless leader, and I will follow!

(my ravelry name is fiberflow)

shan541 said...

I would love to do another bag. A smaller one because I lose everything in big ones. Shan541

Cookey_knits said...

I find my inner peace when I am knitting, I have always done that.

Cookey (Raverly Name)

debby said...

I voted "other" & hope this is the right place to leave a comment for the random prize drawing. By "other" I don't have anything in particular in mind, but "other" meaning none of the other choices --- makes it even a bigger mystery.
I'm FeelGR8 on ravelry

SapphireRuby said...

"KNIT-RELEASE": Releases the kids, the hubby, my frustration, and my soul through my fingertips.

toni d said...

I'm up for another mystery. Don't really have a preference as to what kind. I just love a good mystery!

The knitting effect for me is
"Kno-worries"! I just relax with my feet up.

toni aka moofalotta

sfknitty said...

There are some great suggestions to name the wonderful feeling of relaxation/meditative knitting.

Sharon, I voted for whatever inspiration you would like to bring to a mystery KAL.

Amy aka sfknitty

DebKnits2 said...


I would love to make something with beads...a bag or small wrap.

Rav: DebKnits2

Jessica said...

Wow, I can't believe no one has picked this one yet.....Sere-knitty. I always can forget about the other things that are running through my brain when I am knitting and focus on my project.

Aurita said...

I voted for a shoulderette. And waht about knitvarnia for the effect

kjgonn said...

knitphoria - knit euphoria

I voted for another bag b/c I love your bag designs

Kelly aka kjgonn(ravelry)

neejess said...

I voted for another bag!

Knitopia is how I describe the feeling

neejess: ravelry

wvkelly said...

I find my inner peace through complete silence, becoming aware of how I am feeling throughout every body part.
Whatever you decide, I will participate.

JZ said...

I voted for a hat, just to be different, but I'd love another bag, too...

Jessica beat me to it and I agree - the first thing that comes to mind for that calm sort of peace is sereknitty... serenity.

~~ moonstone

Deborah said...

Knitilicious! I love the beautiful color and fiber running through my hands as I knit.


JMB said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
JMB said...

Let's try that again and this time, I'll add my Ravelry name!!

Scarf sounds interesting, but perhaps one that could be lengthened for taller/larger wearer's....


JeriBrock said...

Next KAL: Shoulderette or Wrap

Knitting Effect: I like what Sarah came up with (knititation), but my contribution will be "Fiber Groove" or "Fiber Zone". I knit, crochet, tat, bobbin lace, cross stitch, quilt, and am learning to spin via drop spindle. When you hit that zone (groove), you can't make mistakes, the world goes away, and the work just flies off your needles, hook, shuttle, etc). It's a fiber groove. I hit one Saturday night, and when I emerged, it was 3 AM, and my project was done.

Ravelry Name (jeribrock)

crogolf said...

For the knitting effect, ANDANTEKNITTER. Andante is a musical term meaning "in a moderately slow tempo" a walk. Peaceful, calm are the thoughts I get.

I voted for the Shoulderette. Recently I have been thinking about making one.

x andanteknitter on Ravelry :):)

Noelle said...

"Knit-escape" - I try and do it everyday, at least for a little bit :-)

I think a smaller mystery bag would be great for the next KAL.

Thanks Sharon!


JeriBrock said...

Next KAL: Small project bag.

Knitting Effect: Knit Zone or the more generic Fiber Zone (since I drop spindle spin, crochet, tat, bobbin lace, quilt, and cross stitch in addition to knitting). Got in one of these Saturday, and when I emerged, it was 3 AM and my project was done. I had hit a zone where no mistakes were made, my right hand never once went numb, and the project just flew off my needles. And most importantly, the world went away.

Ravelry Name: jeribrock

Connerylover said...

I would love to do another wonderful bag, and the idea of a "back pack" sort of bag that some have mentioned on the Forum for Autumn would be wonderful. For me the feeling I get when I'm really in the knitting groove, Zenknit.


KnittyBarb said...

Sharon - I vote for whatever you want to design!

How about "in-the-(knit)zone" for that great feeling?

debby said...

I voted & posted before, saying I voted "other" but didn't know exactly what. I'm posting again to say my "Other" suggestion would be for a big felted bowl or basket type container. I believe that would fit w/ your big bag designs but not be a bag.

D&J said...

"knitunami"-the ultimate knitting sensation

I voted for the small shawl- maybe something for spring-- but really anything is fine with me.


JavaNut said...

I'm with the SereKnity vote... didn't make KAL 2, but looking forward to KAL 3. So glad you've had such success with them!! -JavaNut

mm said...


I would love another bag = ) but would give anything a try!

rndbower said...

I voted for a bag. Sharon I am loving this KAL!! It is my first and I voted for a bag because I love your patterns!! The best bags I have ever seen!! As far as the knit therapy word goes I like knitstasis. Ravelry name Dinobower.

wldsea53 said...

KnitterNeverLand is where my best knitting takes me.

I'm in for whatever your designer's spirit moves you to do, but I would love this group's back up to tackle a shawl/shoulderette. I am loving this my first bag and KAL!

Christine (wldsea53)

crystal said...

I'd love to do a mystery shoulderette! I think it would be super fun to mix it up a bit!!

CanhamBlog said...

I voted for a hat, but to be honest i would do whatever.

SFMAMA said...

I would love a project that was a bit shorter in duration and a fabulous hat would be awesome!

dnaprice said...

I like Knitvana or knit-lightenment.

I voeted for a bag, just because a gilr can never have too many

brynne said...

jorg928 rav name

I voted for bag but, I think anything you design would be a hit and loved by us all.

Shawn said...

I left the mystery a mystery. I love the bags, but maybe something else would be good too. Anything would be great.

I kinda like the shawlette idea as we would want to start looking to spring.

zeknitation (zen and knitting and meditation?)


Joanna said...

I vote for a wrap or a lap blanket.

ravelry - cutevira

Joanna said...

I vote for a wrap or a lap blanket


Joanna said...

I vote for a lap blanket or wrap

cutevira (Ravelry)

Gracie915 said...

Would love to do another bag--small/shoulder/tote. Such a fun way to learn all the new techniques.

Catherine said...

You can never have too many bags!

Sukismom said...

I'm all for the mystery! Maybe leaving the item a mystery would be the way to go. All of your designs are fabulous, so I'm not worried about being disappointed.


Sukismom said...

I'm all for the mystery! How about leaving the type of item a mystery too!

decadentdelusion said...

I voted for another KAL bag! Maybe a nice, tweedy, cabled one for winter! :)

As for names for the knitting effect - I'm going to suggest "knitting narcosis." (Nitrogen narcosis is a phenomenon in scuba diving where nitrogen builds in your bloodstream during a dive, and you end up with a calm, somewhat sedated effect. Unfortunately, it can also be deadly, LOL, but only in rare cases so we'll just pretend that's not the case! :)

decadentdelusion on Ravelry

ebgrivas said...

Sereknitty sounds nice, but I opt for knitopia because it feels like a place I visit rather than a feeling that passes.

I'd love to do another bag!

rjsky4 said...


I would vote for another bag. Can one have too many bags? I don't think so! : )

As far as what to call the "knitting effect" I am not sure.

Knitting gives me permission every day to sit still for a moment - to reflect - to be creative - to take the time to drink a cup of tea - to give to myself.
But at the same time knitting still allows me to provide service to others with the things I make. Knitting allows us to take care of ourselves and others at the same time w/o guilt.

How wonderful is that? How does one describe heaven on earth? I don't know. It is pure bliss!

Ravelry name - rjsky4

Heather said...

I voted for other. I really like scarves. Something long and colorful. Ravelry name is heatherleighc.

rabbitsknit said...

I vote for a hat since by Jan. it is finally cold enough for a hat, although this past week it was quite cool for Virginia. That is my two cents anyway. Rabbitsknit

Sharon said...

I vote for a bag :)

Knitvana - i.e. nirvana. I'm find zen while knitting. It helped me through the loss of my 15 year old cat. And now I have a (nearly finished) increadible sweater that will always remind me of him.

xoxo love your work!

rav name: knitsareforkids

Mama Boots said...

Hi Sharon,
I love the mystery bag as I can keep up. I have 3 mystery shawls on the needles and am way behind on those. Your pattern seems easy to follow with the help of the videos.

Mama Boots said...

Duh, Forgot my ravelry name.

(must be suffering from needlemania)

michelinel said...

I think you are the best bag's designer. So I vote for a bag. I just love the way you work, how you teach and what kind of person you are.

jumboeagle said...

I will definitely participate in your next KAL. I love your bag designs. For the spring (not January), it would be great to make a non-wool bag for the warmer months.
Mary aka gift

Ria said...

It's been said a few times already - but I have been calling it knitvanna for a while now!!

As for another mystery - I am always up for another bag - a girl can never have too many bags!! Or a shoulderette if it isn't in lace weight - head scarf is a definite maybe (not in lace weight) but I don't think I want to commit the time for a wrap.

I'm tonyfan4ever on Rav

Juney said...

Knitopia....I feel I am in another peaceful world when I am knitting sometimes!!!!

Also, I voted for another handbag, but a hat would be neat. I would be happy with anything really! :o)

(Raverly name)

auntgerry said...

I vote for another bag. When I knit I get in my knittingzone.
aunt gerry

Tiffany Faye said...

Knitooooommmm is fun to say and relaxes me at the same time. :)

As for the next Mystery KAL, you have fantastic design sense and I trust that you will do something that will wow me, so anything is possible and I will be there!

aka. mysillyworld

hert said...

It was already mentioned: "Knit-escape", I need the time to just let the world around me be. The even clicking of needles (soothing sounds since childhood) it just makes the world right ... a least for the moment. Knitting challenges are so much more fun that life's.
I have thoroughly enjoyed KAL 1, and I am loving every last stitch of KAL 2, and I would knit KAL 3 what ever it might be ... but since you asked, a shawl for those cold winter evenings while knitting would be nice.

Ilona aka "hert"

alcatmom said...

All I need for inner peace is one of my purring kitties! Instant peace!

Knittinmomma111 said...

I voted for another fabulous bag. I love bags!! I especially love your Laporte Avenue Bag, I even went and purchased that issue of interweave knits. Love your KAL.

My ravelry name is Knittinmomma111

FiberGeek said...

I say a bag. You can't have too many.

As for the knitting effect, I am going to say knitzen


Geri said...

Inner peace? I lie in bed and fall asleep listening to She-Knits podcast and other knitting podcasts.

bchap said...

I vote another bag! I love making bags and yours are great

bchapdel123 (ravelry)

thanks she-knits!

Cheryl said...

The knitting effect, I just call my knitting zen.

I voted other, guess it won't make a difference. But I'm in great need of another shawl and I need a KAL to motivate me. Mine is so dirty but I use it every day and can't find a good time to wash and wait for it to dry.

deidre said...

I'm in the next mystery no matter what the vote is. how about zeknitty? Hving fun and almost caught up. lostinkansas

robin said...

I vote for a bag. I LOVE your bags.

Kniteuphoria is what I experience when I am knitting. It is an addicting feeling.

robin aka robinknits

Claire said...

I've definitely voted for let my glorious leader chose. I do love a mystery and this current one is giving me something to look forward to every week. Almost more exciting than Christmas - actually at the moment it is more exciting than Christmas as that looms with me having no idea what to get my DH. I know what you mean about the effect of knitting - I have flu at the moment and it's knitting in bed that is keeping me sane. How about KnitBliss?

knitastitch said...

I do not have a specific word for the knitting effect ...
However, my aunt said
"Knit a stitch to set the day straight." And it does. Bringing into perspective whatever has gone on during the day and making it all right. Knitting takes one away from oneself.
That's the reason I use Knitastitch as my name on Ravelry.

aka Melissa

LisaPerkins said...

I voted for the bag because I would prize it more than a hat, scarf, or shawl.

I call the knitting affect Knitasia (like fantasia)

wierdkids said...

I've called it the knit zone. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it's better just to put the project away and go with something simpler. Now I need a hat so the kids have a sign that means "Hush unless you're bleeding or see bone"

I'm actually thinking of a wearable bag. Have you ever seen a ch√Ętelaine? Where the tools that you need hand on your belt? I think I'd like a nice scarf with POCKETS. (Yes, I have lost my chibi again - how'd you guess)

Emily said...

I voted for "other" thinking that I'd like to do something where I learn lots of new skills--some sort of garment with shaping, perhaps? Or lace? But I'm really not opposed to doing another bag either, because I'm learning a lot there too. :)

Emily said...

Oops! My ravelry name is jenniem...sorry about that!

Shirley Munkberg said...

a girl can't have too many bags!!


Donna said...

I voted for whatever popped out of your creative brain! But.... something with big chunky beads would be very interesting.....


JudyAnn said...


I voted for the shoulderette.

Cooki said...

I voted for whatever our glorious leader offers. As for the knitting effect, I would offer Knitoptia, that place I go when in the groove of knitting, when I go to my haven, my safe place.


Cutsie Tootsie Designs said...

Loving my first KAL! Sharon, you are a fabulous leader! I will make whatever you decide for the next one! It's all good!

Ravelry name: janlyn

Jessie said...

Fibertastic for the knitting effect. Nothing like working with lovely yarn to bring a smile to my face =)

As for the next project-purse, scarf, shawl...whatever...I'm just happy to be knitting...I've always wanted to try a fisherman sweater??

Cosmicturtle aka Jessie

ebgrivas said...

Hi forgot to leave my Rav name before - it's "hanamigirl". How bout in the "knitzone"?

Julie said...

knit + tranquility = knitquility
knit + placidity = knitcidity
knit + contentment = knitentment
knit + quietude = knittude

I think a hat and scarf set would be great!


ggzgirl said...

I totally agree about the effect knitting has on me - its one of my favorite things to help me turn off my brain - reducing the stress and helping me relax.
Knitopia or Knitaxation (as in relaxation).

I vote for bag accessories, wallet and cell phone cozy to match KAL 1 or 2 bags. Or a messenger bag would be nice too. Although anything Sharon designs will be awesome I'm sure!


chris said...

I'd love to try a new project of your imagination, Sharon. I voted for the scarf/shawl, but I love your work so anything will do.

kissknits (aka downunder sheila!)

Wendy said...

I'm loving your mystery bag kals! I voted for whatever my fearless leader decides. Your bags are fabulous and I'd love to see what you do with other knits!

denise said...

Having just found your podcast, I have not done a KAL, but I would like to do a bag I think. Just let me know what type of yarn to get ahead of time, as getting to a yarn shop in my area is hard to do. I will most likely do whatever.
Knitting is my sanity, so maybe knitanity.

embroiderybee said...

Whenever I can, I go to my Knituary; a place of calm where I am comfortable within myself. I feel safe there where creativity becomes reality. It could be in a quiet corner at home, or at a friend's house where love and warmth add to the knitting experience. I love my Knituary, where I am never weary. Here is a poem I wrote about my Knituary.

A Knituary

A Knituary,
A place of calm;
A place to knit
Away from harm.

A place to make
Creations whole;
A place where
Nothing takes a toll.

A place to be
Within myself;
A place where
Knitting is my wealth.

A place I always
Love to go;
A place where
I am all aglow.

There is no other
Place to be,
Except in my Knituary.

By Embroiderybee
Copyright 10-23-09

I would love to do a beaded bag as our next KAL. Beads are awesome embellishments and can make any bag stand out.

Coffee Me said...

I love the peace that I get when knitting. Normally, while watching my 16 yr old son play football, I am a NERVOUS wreck. "Will he do well?" Will he get hurt?" This weekend, I took along my KAL #2 lace knitting, and worked on it while watching Nate play. My stomach did not churn, I could watch the game, and cheer! So, I vote for SereKnitty!

I love you, Sharon!

Corddrymum said...

Hi Sharon!
I just wanted to tell you how much I look forward to your podcast. I really enjoy it and will try to join the new secret KAL in January. You alwasy make me smile and I felt bad for your when I heard about your family problem. We always have them but they do go away.
Hang in there,

Lee said...

Sharon: I have heard you complain several times about this so I thought I should pass on this hint to help you out.
Obviously, when tightening your Knit Picks Harmony options you want to crank it down tight so it does not come undone, but, the weakest join is where the wood meets the metal socket base. Here's how to crank it down without twisting the needle from the base....go in your kitchen junk drawer and take out that 8X8 inch sheet of rubbery-waffle tecture stuff you use to open the lids of stubborn jars. You know the stuff that lets you get a good grip on the slippery lid. Cut a 1inch wide strip off of one side. Cut that into 4 different 2inch by 1 inch pads. Lay one of the pads over the metal socket part of the needle. Grip the needle by the SOCKET PORTION ONLY and use the tool to crank the cable socket in as tight as you can. DO NOT hold the needle, just the socket. BINGO, tight damage to the needle. Now go give your Harmony Needles the love they deserve!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I always find peace when I make time for myself. I don't have to knit or spin or quilt or anything else; sometimes I simply sit in quiet contemplation and enjoy the peace.