Monday, November 2, 2009

#85 Dislocation and reduction x2

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In this episod, some of the things I talk about are

x1 Will we need to dislocate from where we live and relocate elsewhere, well eventually we will since they (the banks) will not reduce our mortgage.

x2 My husband has now dislocated his shoulder now for the 5th time. Its happened three times since the laparoscopic it is on to the major surgery

Chakra yarn from Mango moon is awesome, it has beads and stones hand tied on it.

I am working on something for a mini-mystery (maybe)
I am getting so excited about Mystery 3....

announcements soon.

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Corddrymum said...

Sharon! I hope that your house issues work out so that you can keep your home and also that your husband's shoulder heals quickly and fully. Your family is in my thoughts.
I just love your podcast...
Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Robin C