Monday, May 12, 2008

Work work work work

Not complaining...just saying. Everyday I learn something new that I should do to make things better and often it entails going through every pattern and making a change. Now I am trying to figure out how to use the Intuit software Simple Start 2008 and doing detailed little things like assigning each pattern a product sounds inane but its all these little things that take so much time, that will in the end save me time... however you know what is frustrating... SO FRUSTRATING...I have NO TIME TO KNIT...urgggggg.

Again, aren't I lucky that this is what I am complaining about? I need an assisatant...and for that matter I need a chauffeur...and a cook and a laundress, oh and another two sets of hands....and if I am going to put it all out there I could use a trainer too..........and my own jet.

A girl of simple needs.


knitalittle said...

Hey looks like your doing just great. Can't wait to see your design when the magazine comes out. I don't want to both you but could you give my give away a shout out. I'll understand if you can't. I'm running a give away for knitters and crocheters that craft for preemies. My blog can't reach as many as you can so it would really help.
Thank so much.

Jill said...

Sharon--tag, you're it! Playing a little game on my blog...take a peek. I hope you'll play. :)