Saturday, May 10, 2008

50 at 50

She-Knits podcast #50 (isn't that my jubilee podcast?) is an interview with Lisa Shoyer who is senior editor of Interweave Knits, editor of Knit Scene and co-editor of the special issue of Interweave Felting Issue. I got to bug Lisa for an interview as I was in the process of knitting up my projects that are going to be in the upcoming Interweave publications (am so excited I still can't believe it). Hope everyone enjoys it!

I am, as mmarker (on Ravelry) put a flaming ball of creativity....well I know I am at least a flaming ball of something. I do feel on fire with trying to get ready for TNNA whilst trying to really get everything going with my wholesale business. I keep thinking of more and more and more bags....I haven't even touched other knitting...well actually I am knitting one other kind of thing, but thats for a Knitty submission...yes....once again I am putting myself in that position again........

Here is the new girl in town, her name is Jane and she is far from plain, a little slip stitching heaven from a mother of seven. Jane is available as a pattern or kit.


katerina said...

Well the flames must be getting hot 'cause this bag sure is!! ;)

norkablue said...

Show #50 was your best ever. I am a major lurker but listen to all your podcasts. Norkablue