Sunday, March 23, 2008

The skip in my step still has not left!

Maybe because I am still in process creating project #2 for Interweave. I realize as I am doing this, I need to continually be sketching (which I am) and casting on for new designs. It needs to be an ongoing thing.

I am so wanting to continue the Central Park Hoodie, and alse the Drops Eskimo pattern keeps calling to me. I can not have anything else on the needles...I just don't think I am a sweater knitter during this design phase in my life. It pretty much takes up all my time...and I am fine with it on the one hand, however feel somehow out of it in the Circle as I don't have anthing to talk about but bags bags bags. I do keep up with everything everyone is doing and I do know alot of what is out there...jsut not knitting it myself.

I have a bunch of bag ideas......and I want to get a solid newbunch of patterns up and for sale!

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