Monday, July 21, 2008

I don't know if anyone reads this, however .......

It's Monday....Monday are good days to start with an inspiring quote.

To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first.

Take it easy. Try to do Monday like you are casting on your first row….doing the ribbing…which may be a chore, but it will help create the desired overall look and keep things in their place.

I went to Midwest Fiber and Folk Fair and found it overwhelming and sort of depressing....I can't write about it so I need to talk (aka podcast) about it.

We can do this…we can all do this. Make it a good day.

I am so into these 2 weeks of just having the big man (age 50) and the little man (age 6) around. I love my days of just being able to work on my business. I feel tremendously guilty that I feel relieved that my kids are happily occupied at their various places. I feel guilty I don't miss them more. I miss them, no doubt, however knowing that it is short lived makes it ok. I am also thrilled that my oldest will be living here (or downtown) now. I only have to have one away at college this year....and its so much fun to have a great place (Colorado) to visit.

It so inspires me when one of my students creates the Sharon Bag. I haven't even officially written up the pattern for sale because I have been so involved with other patterns. I now have two more people that are working on it from such a typo filled pattern...oh well, it doesn't seem to be getting in their way.

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Tara said...

Hi Sharon! I know you prefer comments on Ravelry (and I just might PM you, you never know!), but I just wanted to tell you that people DO indeed read this blog.

Dunno why you're feeling so low about the Fiber fest. Not much luck selling your patterns and/or kits? Just wait'll the Fall IK comes out.

And there's nothing wrong with being happy about having more quality time with the big and small man. From listening to your Podcast, I'd say you're a woman who looks forward in life. If you spend all this time focusing on those who are away, it seems to me you'd be lingering on what's past.

Besides, they'll be back before you know it.

Tara (DearKnits on Ravelry)