Monday, October 27, 2008

#64 KNITTING remains a constant!

I finally recorded a new podcast has been a spell...a difficult one that I am doing my best to stay focused and is only money and not a terminal illness but sometimes that line of thought doesn't really help. Sometimes a good cry and then a nice cold glass of water , some knitting and the good ole' i-pod in the ears (maybe a bunch of hugs and kisses)is the best escape...when they let me escape around here! The kids are being great...I think it is because the parents are staying positive (except when I call my parent and bawl). We will all survive and recover and find our new normal!

With everything that is going on in this crazy economy and everything that is going on in my household including the possibility of needing to move, knitting is my independent solace. I am so full of gratitude for my knitting and my cyber knitting life. It remains a source of sanity.

How do you think knitting will be affected by this disatorous economy. I realize many of you are untouched by the stock markets disasters either because you don't have money involved in it or you live internationally, however this economy is definitely going to touch us all somehow (I hope gas prices don't escalate). How does the economy affect your knitting or crafting life. Maybe it will up peoples interest in knitting in that, depending how you work it , it can be a a financially reasonable sanity saver! I would love to hear peoples thoughts on this AND I would like to know as a knitter, what you are looking for these days design wise...what would you love to knit?


noricum said...


knitting2relax said...


Definitely hit by the financial market right now and hoping to still have a job next year. So, my knitting is also my sanity. I have been working out of my stash and plan to continue to do such for some time. I still look at stuff, but I'm not missing buying.

I'm making bookmarks for x-mas presents and if people don't understand, they'll have to get over it.

Kathy said...

Well, I am worried for some of the neat little yarn shops I know. One seems untouched by the economy based on the number of people in there and the tax bracket I think they are in.

I am always looking for frugal in life, so I am kind of used to this. Frugal is not synonomous with acrylic! Dont worry!

Carli Girl* said...

I find myself knitting socks.

Socks because they are more cost effective, because they make great gifts, and because they can be as complicated or as easy as I need them to be at any particular time.
Plus for some reason it makes me feel better making something as basic as a sock when financially it makes great sense to do so.

Sweater knitting will have to go on the back burner for awhile....unless I find a great deal...know of any?

Laura Sue said...

Hi. I was rummaging around in iTunes for a new knitting podcast and subscribed to yours. This is the first episode I've listened to and so I wanted to comment and let you know that, yes, a new person downloaded this 'cast and is listening. I just about squealed during your introduction because I have made FOUR Dumpling Bags! In fact putting in the magnetic closures is on my to-do list this weekend. I loved knitting them. I am so sorry to hear of your troubles and will be tuning in to keep up.