Saturday, August 16, 2008

#59 My shoe is full!

They're ba-ack! All my ankle bitting blood sucking wonderful fabulous so different yet all mine .....well sort of mine (are your kids really "your's"?). Man oh man I like having them all here so much it hurts. It hurts because its no longer the norm, 5 here is the norm , no longer seven. It is something that happens, I am telling you, your children will grow up and leave least leave physically living in your house 24/7......sigh. But listen, I am not going to stew about it or feel sad even one second longer because the reality is it is the way it is and it is for the most part a positive thing. When kids can't launch , usually something is going on that is difficult.

I will announce winners of the contest in which you so kindly answered all my fiber festival questions a bit later today when I let kiddo's randomly pick you winers out. Check back to see if it is you and THANK YOU to all that entered!


37 people entered so since I said i would pick1 winner per 15 people I am letting one of my children pick 2 winners by asking her to chose 2 numbers between 1 and 37. She picked 6 + 11 and so the winners are:
Feminist Knitter

I also gave an extra prize to CoggieTM because of her really brilliant suggestion about bringing a standing mirror because we women like to see ourselves! I think the mirror will help sell! Again thank you for all of you that took the time to enter, I appreciated reading through all of your answers.


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