Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#113 She-Knits moment by moment.

Sweater Babe Fitted Cabled Shawl Collared Vest
Cherry Blossoms on Water
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Chiagoo Needles

1. Do you like to knit designs for small shawls that are more complicated and require good attention, or do you like ones that are less complicated and interesting in shape or color blocking?
2. Do you have a bicycle -- in particular a hybrid, that you love? What is it??
3. What would you do if the situation I described, regarding a friend of one of your child claimed child abuse?


JavaNut said...

Sharon - totally laughed at your back and forth asking/answering your Q about the mystery knits. I think the answer is always going to be" Yes, all of the above." Since you've mentioned Stephen West's popularity more than once, I think one key factor with his designs is not about ease or techniques, but is also the wearability of them. I love lace shawls (process and product!) but his Clockwork is one that I've worn more than any, ALWAYS get compliments and can wear more universally than the lacier ones.

I've not joined mystery KALs in a while because I have so many projects queued and paired with yarn in my stash, but to your point about doing mystery KALs, my general like of the designer's overall aesthetic is the biggest consideration (vs. the techniques or difficulty).

knittybarb said...

Sharon - I don't know quite how to answer you about the mystery knits. Sometimes I want something simple, but I think most of the time I want to be challenged. And you know I really love your shawls. One of my favorite knits ever is the Cynthia shawl - a large beaded shawl with lots of lacy openwork - that's what I love. I can find my own patterns for simple brainless (or social) knitting!

My bike is probably older than yours and still works fine, so no help from this corner on that question.

Your 3rd question is the hardest. I think you handled the situation exactly right...you followed your gut feeling while trying to get answers from the girl, talk to her mom AND protect your own daughter. You did good, kiddo.

AnimalEngineer said...

Sharon, I love your podcast. I've never done a mystery KAL, but I waver between needing/ wanting simple projects to challenging myself with a difficult one.
About the girl's issues, I think you did awesome. You can't totally trust the girl, but you don't want to bypass allegations of abuse, all the while, needing to protect your own daughter, too. You stayed calm and thought it through. Awesome job!!!!!!