Monday, October 31, 2011

#114 She-Knits is here, because she's here, beause she's here

Oct 31, 2011
Baby Ruth...yum .....ouch , it gets a D+ nutrition rating and 1 fun size bar has 84 calories. Let's far today I have had at what is that 588 cals. ...and I am for sure not done.

She-Knits Mystery 9 Tuck hurry up sign-ups close Nov 2

A new design called Oh Delilah oh so trendy!

Did you ever see Gwen or It's Donna?

Be careful what you text to someone, the police might show-up.

A new podcast I like...2 Knit Lit Chicks

See you next time.....PEACE

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Patricia Kelly Spurles said...

Hi -- I've been listening to your latest podcast, and wanted to thank you for doing it. Your shabbat dinner with all the children home sounded so warm and busy and loving. Many more of them for you.